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Sani Gourmet 2014 – CUISINES OF THE WORLD – The Silk Road: From Beijing to Rome

Sani festival

CUISINES OF THE WORLD : The Silk Road: From Beijing to Rome

9-18 MAY

This year’s festival – Sani Gourmet 2014 – will be focusing on world cuisine through the prism of the Silk Road. The long route travelled by merchandise between Asia and Europe, bearing new ideas and cultural influences as well as commodities, made a decisive contribution to the diffusion of new ideas and approaches in one of the most fundamental areas of human creativity: gastronomy.

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Tips to find the cheapest holiday deals to Halkidiki in Greece

Amouliani Island Halkidiki Greece

The stunning beach resort of Halkidiki can be found just to the southeast of Thessaloniki in the northern region of Greece. This destination boasts crystal clear waters as well as enchanting remote bays and picturesque villages and has long been attracting visitors from all over the world. People who know where to look will find plenty of excellent accommodation deals, and sites such as Holiday Hypermarket offer plenty of accommodation options at the click of a button.

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Holomontas Mountain

Holomontas Halkidiki

Through the dense foliage of the trees emerges the view of the three peninsulas , and the Aegean islands . The dense foliage of trees – green, golden yellow and gray – create an idyllic atmosphere. Taverns in the woods and villages offer hunting and other delicious local delicacies. Small churches scattered throughout the route. Numerous festivals and local celebrations. Excellent local products and delicacies prepared by the cooperatives of women, but the residents individually, are available to visitors …

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil from Halkidiki

Evaluation Criteria for Oil

The acidity is expressed either in grams free oleic acid per 100 gr fat ( acidity ) or as numbers acidity gives the thousandths of KOH required for neutralization of free fatty acids present in one gram of oil.
The link that connects these two expressions (acidity – acid number ) is : acidity ( oleic ) (% ) = number of acidity x 0,503
Balanced acidity, olive oil, divided into edible (acidity up 3.3 %) and industrial (acidity greater than 3.3%)

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