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East Halkidiki

The East Halkidiki contains family-friendly beaches on its northernmost part; south of Ouranoupoli is the Mount Athos monastic community. Land entry is prohibited between the two. At the northeastern, secular edge, Ierissos once had ferries to the monasteries but is currently infamous for its proposed Canadian gold-mining project, which the cash-strapped Greek government approved in 2012 despite local protests.

Villages in East Halkidiki area

Ouranoupoli Halkidiki Ouranoupoli - The long, winding road comes to an abrupt end 145 km from Thessaloniki and the airport, at the foot of an old tower
Ammouliani village view Halkidiki Ammouliani - The Ammouliani is the only inhabited island of Halkidiki in size 5 square kilometers
Stratoni - Stratoni is located 102 km away from Thessaloniki and 56 km away from Polygiros. An ancient war memorial, which was found in the region (1st century b.c.) and it has impressive statues, tomb, vessels, e.t.c
Stagira - Stagira is the birthtown of Aristotles. It is found built on the foot the Stratoniki Mountain(Strempenikos), at an altitude of 500 roughly metres
Olympiada - The natural beauty and the archeological sites of great historic interest attract the visitors who come to Olympiada for the first time
Nea Roda - Nea Roda is the biggest refugee village in east Halkidiki. It was founded immediately after the Asia Minor destruction in a place called "Provlakas"
Ierissos - Ierissos is the oldest and biggest village of the Municipality with 3118 residents.
Gomati - Gomati, is a beautiful area with rich natural surroundings and numerous possibilities of utilizing information available
Stratoniki - Stratoniki is one of the mountainous villages within the Municipality, with a panoramic view towards the gulf of Ierissos and the peninsula of Athos

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