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Hiking routes in East Halkidiki

Hiking routes in East Halkidiki

Each route is connected to an international historical uniqueness:

  • Mount Athos and the Byzantine Empire,
  • Philosopher Aristotle – tutor to Alexander the Great,
  • The Persian wars of antiquity,
  • The Ottoman period Mamedochoria.

The difference between many walking routes around the world and those in the Mount Athos Area is that each one takes visitors through different historical eras putting the walker in direct contact with relics and archaeological find, turning walking from a mere nature-loving activity to a historical tour through monuments and site, with museum value and identity!

Routes in east Halkidiki (Mount Athos area)

Following the Natura mountain pathways…
From Arnea to Varvara falls

Route Length 23.57km

Following the borderline to Athos (archaeological route)
From Ouranoupoli Tower to Zygos Monastery

Route Length 3km

Following the borderline to Athos (pilgrimage route)
From Komitsa Beach to Ouranoupoli

Route Length 3km

Xerxes’ route
From N.Roda to Trypiti port-Xerxes Canal

Route Length 3km

Overlooking the bay of Agion Oros
From Trypiti Port to Ouranoupoli tower

Route Length 4km

The Aristoteleian Route
From New to Ancient Stageira

Route Length 32,19km

The Aristoteleian Route (on the Aristoteleian Mount)
From Olympiada to Ancient Stageira

Route Length 2km

The Mademochoria of the past
From Arnaia to Neposi Castle

Download the detailed pdf file or get more information from MOUNT ATHOS AREA ORGANIZATION

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