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Kassandra is the most western peninsula of Halkidiki’s trident. It is one of the most famous places in Halkidiki with a particular development towards tourism, displaying a lot concerning the cultural and tourist field.

It is a heavenly and peaceful place, with immense sandy beaches and pine-clad locations that reach the aquamarine sea. The beautiful locations seem as if no one has ever stepped on their pure ground, with the dense vegetation and the clear waters heading for a glorious unification.

The development of tourism has forwarded the creation of very well organized facilities, luxury hotels and plenty of entertainment centers that provide a wonderful environment for vacationing to weekend travelers from Greece but also tourists from all over the world that gather to witness true Greek natural beauty.


Siviri Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Siviri - Siviri is situated between Kassandreia and Fourka. It is a seaside settlement, which lately has been well developed. The great taverns, the quite and green environment characterizes the area.
Sani Nea Fokea Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Sani - Sani is one of the most beautiful places before Nea Fokea village in Kassandra. Beautiful beaches, fully equipped hotel units (SANI HOTEL), and elegant campings (BLUE DREAM) make the area a unique destination for tourists.  
Posidi Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Posidi - Posidi is the beach of Kallandra and it is well known. The most famous characteristic of the region is its lighthouse, which is built for many years. The camping of GNTO, the countless beach-bars, the local meat, the fires on its endless beach, make Posidi a unique piece of the Greek land that remains unforgettable […]
Polihrono - The history of Polihrono begins in 650 b.c when the Eretrieis came to the Peninsula of Kassandra and established their colony in Neapoli, which despite all the barbarian invasions managed to survive until 540 a.c. when it was totally ruined by the Huns. In the 11th century cattle-breeders farmers gathered in this area and built […]
Pefkohori Kassandra Halkidiki Pefkohori - Pefkohori is located 102 km away from Thessaloniki. The name Pefkohori means Pine village thus one can understand why. Surrounded by a Pinewood and by Olive Plantations, Pefkohori is one of the small Paradises in Halkidiki. The old village impresses with its typical alleys and its beautiful gardens with the colorful flowers. The modern and […]
Paliouri - Paliouri is known for its honey and olive oil production as well as the entire region. The visitor can admire the unique nature and stroll around the verdurous paths of the Pinewood or walk in the traditional alleys of the village, which give a unique traditional color. Southeast of the village, at the limits of […]
Nea Skioni Kassandra Halkidiki Nea Skioni - Nea Skioni was established in 1918 where fisherman huts existed. In 1930, the old village “Tsaprani”, which was located in the mountain of Kassandra, was abandoned. The new village was named after the ancient Skioni, which was the oldest colony. According to Thoukidides it was built after the Trojan War by the Pellineis of Peloponnese, […]
N. Potidea Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Nea Potidea - N. Potidea is the unique way to access the Peninsula of Kassandra. The magic canal is an unforgettable sight. Boats, including dragnet boats and boats with acetylene lamps cross daily its water and always return full of fresh fish. The village has 1601 habitants who at summer time come up to 3000. There is an […]
Nea Fokea - The beautiful seaside village of Fokaia, with the well-preserved Byzantine tower of St. Paul, the picturesque small port, the beautiful beaches and the clean sea, attract every year thousands of tourists of every age. It has 1500 habitants who during the summer come up to 10.000 and it’s only 78 km away from Thessaloniki. Is […]
Mola Kalyva - Mola Kaliva has a very calm, almost like paradise landscape, a dry climate, a beautiful endless beach. Mola Kaliva is the ideal place for those who are looking for peace and natural beauty. The combination of the clear Aegean Sea and the natural beauty make the beach of Mola Kaliva unforgettable.
Loutra Agia Paraskevi Kassandra Halkidiki Loutra - Five km south of Agia Paraskevi, in front of the sea there is the settlement of Loutra, which is mainly consisted of holiday residences, rooms to rent and hotels. The habitants that live in Loutra are mainly occupied with fishing, beekeeping, olive cultivation and tourism
Kriopigi - Kriopigi is located in the Peninsula of Kassandra about 90 km away from Thessaloniki. It is built amphitheatrically at the slope of the piney hill with a great view to the gulf of Kassandra. The region is populated from the ancient years and today Kryopigi is located between Neapolis and Flegra. The perfect climate, the […]
Kassandrino - In the center of the peninsula, in a valley full of green, in a beautiful piney skyline, lies the village of Kassandrino. Kassandrino is a traditional village with 100 houses and 250 habitants. Kassandrino is an old village, which according to a story was named after the neighboring Kassandreia because the cattle-breeders kept their corrals […]
Kassandreia - Kassandreia is a city of 3,500 habitants that during summertime becomes a big city of 25,000 habitants and it is the reference point of the Peninsula of Kassandra. Kassandra is one of the oldest Municipalities of the Prefecture that comes along as a settlement since the 16th century. It was named after the king Kassandros […]
Κalithea Κassandra Ηalkidiki Kalithea - Kalithea is a refugee’s village of 3,500 acres. The habitants were established in the region after the Near East disaster and the exchange of population. They came from Maltepe of Propontida and of the vaster region of Pontos, kerassounta.Before 1925 a Monks Metohi (monastery) operated in Kalithea though as a manor, which was managed by […]
Kalandra - The region of Kalandra, of which the establishment of its settlement in today’s village must have taken place in the last Byzantine years or the first years of the Turkish domination. It is closely connected to the existence of Mendi. It has preserved the places name of the Mendi’s country, as that of the beach […]
Hanioti Kassandra Halkidiki Hanioti - According to tradition the village was named after its first habitant who came from Hania, Crete and was settled in the Old village which is now located in the inland of Kassandra, south of today’s village and at a distance of about 2,5 km.In 1930 the village was moved from its current location due to […]
Fourka Beach Kassandra Halkidiki Fourka - Fourka is located 100 km away from Thessaloniki and every year it attracts many tourists. The first thing the visitor meets, is its beautiful beach the so-called Skala of Fourka. The village of Fourka is situated at a distance of about 2 km. The natural beauties and the history of the village are combined with […]
Agia Paraskevi - Agia (Saint) Paraskevi is located in the inland of Kassandra, surrounded by a pinewood. It was named after the church of Agia Paraskevi, which is in the village. The Agia (Saint), as the habitants call it, has a rich historical tradition and it was ruined three times by the Turks conquerors, the last one was […]
Afytos Kassandra Halkidiki Afitos - Places where with the moon’s forget flower and with the sun’s juices nourished me, today I dream of you

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