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Polygyros (Poliyiros), North – Central Halkidiki

Polygyros, is the capital of the Halkidiki, which during the last years it has developed and transformed into a modern country town, preserving though its nobility and tradition color, showing the identification of Halkidiki, in qualitative ways. Wandering into the streets and alleys of Polygiros, the visitor can reach the elements of nature, but its modern reality too.

Polyigiros is the Administrative Center of the Prefecture, and it aims at becoming the point of reference of civilization, sports, art and education through the various activities that keep pace with the Greek and European spirit. Many events are being organized based on the quality of the activities that great cultural centers and monuments have, such as the Archaeological and Folklore Museum, the new pedestrian zone – full of the mountainous Greece colors, the characteristic churches of the Greek countryside, are few of the most beautiful characteristics the visitor can find out in Polygiros.

Moreover, the visitor can find really fascinating the path towards the mountain on the enchanting and imposing Holomonta, where on its slopes the village Taxiarhis is located and on its feet the villages Vrastama, Keli, Plana, St. Prodromos and Palaiokastro.

All these are places that have their own “personality” and “character”, they contribute in keeping alive the Greek tradition and the costumes with this unique way that makes Greece one of a kind in the whole world because of the inhabitant’s picturesqueness way of life.

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