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Sithonia Halkidiki

Sithonia Halkidiki

Sithonia is the middle peninsula of Halkidiki and its beauty is similar to that of the Kassandra peninsula.

While on a tour in Sithonia you can admire endless majestic landscapes, picturesque little harbors, wonderful golden beaches, secluded bays next to olive plantations, lovely meadows and deep green forests, peaceful fishers’ villages and also the amazing architecture of houses and churches. Only in Halkidiki you can admire glorious beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue as when the wind gently blows the pine trees meet the waves.

Surely, when you are in Sithonia you will realize that each place you meet is so different, so unique and seductive. All the areas such as Vatopedi, Metamorphossi, Nikiti, Agios Nikolaos, Pirgadikia, Sarti, Neos Marmaras, Vourvourou, Ormos Panagias and Sikia will remain deep in your memories.

A tour around these villages will fill you with new experiences and amazing images from the folk architecture of the houses in Ormylia, the wonderful piney beaches of Nikiti and Metamorphossi, the narrow alleys and the flowery squares in Agios Nikolaos and the insular features of Pyrgadikia, Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias.

Villages of Sithonia peninsula

Pirgadikia Halkidiki Pirgadikia - Pirgadikia is an amphitheater built village over the sea with a view of the magnificent Mount Athos and the peninsula of Sithonia
Nikiti Sithonia - Credit : eroll Nikiti - Nikiti is located 90 km from Thessaloniki. A combination of sea and mountain lets the visitor choose.
Parthenonas Sithonia Halkidiki Parthenonas - Traditional village few km from Neos Marmaras. Visit it and find a traditional stone village by the forest.
Sarti Sithonia Halkidiki Sarti - Named probably from the ancient city that was there, since Herodotus mentions this ancient city as a station of the campaign of Xerxes.
Sykia Sithonia Halkidiki Sykia - Sykia is the southernmost village of Sithonia, 160 km distance from Thessaloniki.
Toroni - Toroni is a stunning pristine beach which stretches approximately 2.5 km. Porto hollow double Toroni is Porto Koufo, which is the largest and safest natural harbor in Greece
Vatopedi - Vatopedi is the settlement of those refugees who came from Near East and settled in the village after the Near East Ruin.
Psakoudia - Psakoudia is the seaport of Ormylia and its settlement gathers the largest part of the tourist activity and development of the region.
Ormylia - Ormylia is built on the foot of the Holomonta mountain. It has about 3.500 residents. It is inhabited by indigenous residents and has all those characteristics of the old settlements of Halkidiki.
Ormos Panagias Sithonia Halkidiki Ormos Panagias - Ormos Panagias is about 2.5 km from Agios Nikolaos is a picturesque harbor.
Neos Marmaras Halkidiki Sithonia Neos Marmaras - If blue and green infinity could form a shell, Neos Marmaras in Halkidiki would have been a gem
Metamorfosi Halkidiki Sithonia Metamorfosis - Metamorphosi is a beautiful –green-tourist village, in the beginning of Sithonia, built on the sea, with a city plan.
Gerakini Beach Sithonia Halkidiki Gerakini - Gerakini bay offers a modern shopping centre to cater for all shopping needs and desires, pedestrian sidewalks to stroll by the seaside
Agios Nikolaos Sithonia Halkidiki Agios Nikolaos - Agios Nikolaos is 110 kilometers from Thessaloniki , where Sithonia peninsula begins.
Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki Vourvourou - South and at a distance of 10 klm from Agios Nikolaos Halkidiki and 120 klm from the airport of Thessaloniki , to the peninsula of Sithonia is the known all over the world for its natural beauty, Vourvourou

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