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Visit Dion and Mount Olympus – Private tour from Sithonia

Dion and Mount Olympus – Private tour from Sithonia

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece, its highest peak Mytikas or Pantheon rising to 2.918 meters (9.570 feet). According to Greek mythology, Mount Olympus was the house of the Twelve Olympian Gods, while in 1938 Olympus became the first location ever to have been declared National Park in Greece, with the aim to protect its natural wealth.

Olympus does not constitute the part of a mountain range, but form on its own a circular mountain. Numerous paths perfectly preserved are to be found in Olympus, suitable for trekking and allowing visitors to get to know Olympus better, the varieties of its flora and fauna and its outstanding natural beauty. The most accessible and famous itinerary, also known as “European path E4” begins from Litochoro, a village built on the east side of the mountain’s feet at a distance of 90 Km. away from Thessaloniki, and continues on the west to the peaks through the Enipeas canyon.

As a final point, near  Litochoro is situated the traditional village of Palaios Panteleimonas, with its traditional alleys and the scenic houses keeping intact the local architectural color harmonized together with the surrounding environment.

You may also visit Dion, Zeus’s City, the sacred city of ancient Macedonians. Dion constitutes an archaeological site with numerous important findings, such as the Sanctuary of Isis, the Greek theater, the Sanctuary of Zeus, the nearby theater of the Roman times, the House of Dionysus with its spectacular mosaics, the roman public baths expanding to an era of about 1acre, Demeter’s Sanctuary, etc.

Prices do not include admission fees for entering museums and archaeological sites.

Private departure from Neos Marmaras or Nikiti, Sithonia.




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