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West Halkidiki

The west coast of Halkidiki features beautiful sea-shores that combine crystal blue waters, sandy beaches and amazing pine-tree forests. The picturesque seaside villages offer a lively nightlife, a great range of taste proposals all through the day, as well as sports opportunities that will satisfy everyone!

The west coast is also a place of great archaeological interest, hosting unique natural monuments such as the Petralona cave.


Dionysiou - Dionisiou is a village that has 1303 inhabitants who multiply during the summer as the village represents a “summer’s refugee” for thousands of tourists.
Nea Flogita Halkidiki Nea Flogita - Nea Flogita is a seaside village built amphitheatrically with a view to Thermaikos Gulf.
Simantra - Simantra is near the Nea Moudania, with 2526 inhabitants, who are mainly occupied with agriculture and trade.
Petralona - The first settlement built by Pontus in Asia Minor.
Olinthos - Located in West coast of Halkidiki and it is lowland. The distance from Polygyro is 24 km.
Nea Triglia - It is located about 4 km from the west coast of Halkidiki to the Thermaikos Gulf and the agrarian region extends to the shoreline
Nea Plagia - The first settlement was built in 1924 by refugees from Eastern Thrace.
Nea Moudania - The town has an intense tourist and financial activity, and aspires becoming the educational center of Halkidiki
Nea Kallkiratia - Nea Kallkiratia was established after the refugee destruction in 1922, mainly by the residents who came from kallikrateia
Saint Mamas - Is a village with 1342 inhabitants, which is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia

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