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The prefecture of Halkidiki is consisted from the following three peninsulas:

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Halkidiki attracts every year a great number of tourists as it offers a unique nature, remote bays, a sea clear as a crystal, beautiful small islands and picturesque villages where one can admire the traditional architecture. It also combines the sea with the mountain, peace and nightlife, ancient and modern culture. Every town has it own unique story and its own glory.

The tourist organization of Halkidiki is of a high quality. The visitor will find a great number of luxury hotel units, camping, and nightlife. Despite the great number of tourists, the visitor can enjoy every kind of tourism. Crowded beaches or small beaches that are waiting for you to discover them. The sun, the sea and the natural beauties are some of the things one may find in the peninsula of Halkidiki at the southeast of Thessaloniki.

The road network of the prefecture, which keeps improving, can lead you in Halkidiki, not only to the beach but in the midland too.

Besides the beautiful beaches, where all sports become a pleasure, there are a lot of archaeological treasures and historical monuments too.

Every village has its own history, from the primeval, ancient, Byzantine to the modern ages.


Top Things to do in Halkidiki

private-sailing-party-halkidiki Night Party Sailing cruise (from Kassandra) - Ar you a party animal? Do you want one unforgettable night with your friends? I Yes, this is for you
2-day-sailing-tour-halkidiki 2 days sailing cruise to Toroneos (from Kassandra) - Enjoy a 2 days sailing cruise with Bavaria 39 boat in Halkidiki, to Toroneos gulf, kassandra and sithonia peninsula.
full-day-sailing-tour-halkidiki Full day sailing cruise to Toroneos (from kassandra) - Enjoy a full day sailing cruise (7 hours ) with Bavaria 39 boat in Halkidiki, to Toroneos gulf and Sithonia peninsula.
half-day-sailing-tour-halkidiki Half day sailing cruise to Kelyfos island (from Kassandra) - Enjoy a unique sailing cruise (half day 4 hours ) with Bavaria 39 boat in Halkidiki, in Toroneos bay by going to Kelyfos island.
sunset-cruise-halkidiki Sunset sailing cruise (from Kassandra) - A memorable evening awaits you with this lovely sailing sunset cruise.

Travel advices

dog-franz-halkidiki Travel with your pet - Visit the doctor. He will check the health of the animal and will give you the health certificate and vaccination, which must have with you if you travel by ship or airplane , but if you stay in a hotel.
summer-nutrition-seafood Summer nutrition – Seafood - Here some useful information when you buy or eat fish
traveling-with-airplane-2 Traveling with your baby - Useful tips to travel with your children by car, plane or ship
traveling-with-airplane-tips Traveling by airplane - There are some health problems for which you should consult your doctor before you travel by plane
camping-halkidiki Camping in halkidiki - Supposing that you will sleep in a sleeping bag and not in a bed, then going to an organized camping should not be different than going to a hotel with a shared bathroom

Package Deals

promo-hatzis Stay in Hatzis House in Nikiti beach and enjoy special offers in May and June - Hatzis house located in Nikiti beach. In cooperation with gohalkidiki.com offers the following: Apartment with one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, suitable for two or three persons: 1/5/2014 to 15/6/2014 special offer 25,00 € per night from 30,00 € per night original price. Apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, suitable for four or five persons. 1/5/2014 to 15/6/2014 special offer 40,00 € per night […]
parathinalos-polihrono-offers Parathin alos Summer 2014 Season Offers - Parathin alos located in Polihrono and offers for this summer season the following : Summer 2014  01/05/2014 – 31/05/2014  from 35,00 € Offer  25,00 € /  night 01/06/2014 – 30/06/2014  from 45,00 € Offer  35,00 € /  night 01/07/2014 – 31/07/2014  from 55,00 € Offer  40,00 € /  night 01/08/2014 – 31/08/2014  from 65,00 € Offer  50,00 € /  night 01/09/2014 […]
stella-meri-studios-offers STELLA-MERI Studios προσφέρει έκπτωση έως 40-45% για κρατήσεις που θα γίνουν μέχρι 30 Μαρτίου 2014 - Stella – Meri studios located in N. Skioni Kassandra Halkidiki and offers early booking until Mar 2014 : Offered price The offer is valid only for early booking, until 30 Mar 2014 and for minimum reservation of 6 nights Low and Medium Period 01 June – 10 July and 26 August – 30 September • 2 […]
sunday-resort-gerakini-offers Sunday Resort – Special Offers for April, June, September, October - Sunday Resort – studios and apartments located in Gerakini Halkidiki and offers : STUDIO with one bedroom, suitable for 2-3 persons: 15 April – 6 June = 25,00 € / night & 22 September – 10 October = 25,00 € / night APARTMENT with 2 bedrooms, suitable for 4-5 persons: 15 April – 6 June = 38,00 € / […]
studios-jenny-akti-salonikiou Studios Jenny on the beach – Special Offers [25/05 - 20/06] - Special offer from Studios Jenny on the beach - Agios Nikolaos Sithonia , Akti Salonikou



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