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Welcome to Halkidiki Greece

The Halkidiki prefecture consists of three peninsulas that cannot be more different, which form the unity that promises rich cultural, relaxing and nightlife experience. These peninsulas, from west to east, are Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.
Besides peninsulas, however, Halkidiki prefecture also comprises North Halkidiki, East coast and West coast regions. While engaging nightlife can be found on West Halkidiki and Kassandra, wild natural beauty and relaxing vacation are best to be enjoyed on Sithonia and East Halkidiki.

Halkidiki Greece -

Year by year, Halkidiki is visited by numerous tourists from all over the world, wishing to enjoy its beautiful nature, pristine beaches and tucked away bays with hills and mountains as a backdrop, cultural events and rich nightlife. By coming to Halkidiki you can’t miss the crystal clear sea, beautiful environment and diverse architecture, which is why you should rent a vehicle to perceive as much of its uniqueness as possible. If you are looking for a night entertainment, Kassandra is your best choice. If activities in magnificent nature are your favorite, Sithonia is irreplaceable. Athos, known as the Monastic Communtiy, features various interesting monasteries in an engaging environment. While traversing Halkidiki, don’t overlook picturesque villages and settlements, each featuring appealing architecture and history. To witness one of the oldest human findings in Europe, visit Petralona Cave on West Halkidiki.

The quality tourist infrastructure of Halkidiki constantly improves, and you can find here a wide range of facilities catering to all travelers. Whether you need a peaceful or exciting vacation, hidden beaches (mostly on Sithonia and East Halkidiki regions), crowded beaches with bars (Kassandra and west coast of Halkidiki) or something else, there are options for everyone. You can choose to stay either in a luxurious hotel, rental villas,  elegant studios and apartments, or camping. The fact is that wherever you choose to stay, you’ll never be far away from the beautiful sea that shamelessly penetrates the coast, exceptional natural beauties and an excellent time. You can also plan an excursion to the nearby city of Thessaloniki, the second largest Greek city with a nice seaside promenade and rich history, displayed in its museums, fortress and acropolis.

The road network of Halkidiki is extensive, taking you not only along the coastline, but inland, too. Use them to pay a visit to surprising points of interest and elevated grounds, which offer terrific panoramic views encompassing a distant sea and beautiful environment.

Halkidiki abounds with beautiful beaches that deserve your unconditional attention. Some of them appeal to the water sports enthusiasts, while others are perfect for the night owls that don’t mind welcoming sunrise in a beach bar (Kassandra). If you would rather be alone in a hidden cove, the best chance to find such a spot is on Sithonia. Besides beautiful beaches, Halkidiki also boasts rich archaeological findings and historical monuments. So don’t waste your chance to enrich your vacation with these exceptional sites.

Picturesque villages have picturesque history, too, spanning primeval, ancient, Byzantine and Middle Ages periods to the present day. If you are limited with time and need to leave something behind, make sure not to exclude Parthenonas (Sithonia), Afitos (Kassandra) and Arnea (North Halkidiki) villages.

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Visiting Mount Athos

Mount Athos is accessible by boat from Ouranoupoli or Ierissos in Halkidiki. From Thessaloniki, one may reach Ouranoupoli by private automobile or public transportation. There are daily departures to Ouranoupoli and Ierissos. The journey is approximately two hours long.

From Ouranoupolis there are daily freight and passenger boat trips at 9:45 to Daphne, the sea port of Mount Athos and to the monasteries of Zographou, Docheiariou, Xenofontos and Saint Panteleimon. Visitors to the monasteries of Simonos Petra, Gregoriou, Dionysiou, Saint Paul and the skete of Saint Anne change boats at Daphne. Finally, for the monasteries of Esphigmenou and Vatopedi in particular, the visitor may depart from Ierissos.

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