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Old house Halkidiki Greece

The popular architecture of Halkidiki is a branch of the well known architecture of Macedonia. It has the same basic construction , exterior (or morphological ) characteristics , however, different in typological variations.

But this happens in other Macedonian areas where although there are similarities construction and partly external features , the local typology is different. Consequently homes Veria have a different facade of the houses in Kastoria and Siatistas , as well as the homes of Florina differ from homes in Abelakia or other aforementioned areas.


In Halkidiki meet all classes of the simplest houses with one room or one floor up to the most complex mansions. We also find buildings with narrow front as well as wide, a purely local feature of Halkidiki architecture. A fundamental element of building houses is the stone walls of the ground floo , which surround the floor three or four sides and support him. The first floor consists of a wooden box filled to the top with small bricks, plastered and in some cases often creates an overhang, “the sachnizi ” ( a typical projection ).

Another key element is the typological large , indoor and covered balcony , the ” loggia ” held usually on the south side of the floor . All typological variations of the house in Halkidiki based on variations observed in the ” loggia “.


Sometimes added one or two rooms similar to the ” loggia “. Can reach the floor of the house through the semi- -covered part of the ground floor , located under the ” loggia ” of a ladder , which usually result in the balcony ( loggia ).

Less frequently , in some cases , the ladder does not result in a room , but in a central hall . In some villages of the highlands ‘ loggia ‘ reduced in size or eliminated : sometimes even turn it into a covered or open balcony. In these cases the staircase leads to the balcony.

The architecture of Halkidiki also find the feature of projection ( the sachnizi ) in specific parts of the floor or along an entire side of the house. The variety in styles of openings ( doors and windows) is also of great interest : especially the form of the stone main entrance facing the street .

The fireplace is where the popular craftsmen showed all the skill and plenty of imagination . With poor technical means and guided only by their personal taste and love for beauty, they really transform the fireplace from a simple functional item into a work of art. Chimneys of fireplaces also have the same variety . We can see all morphological variants of chimneys of Macedonia , concentrated in stacks of Halkidiki. As already mentioned, the wood plays an important role in the architecture of Halkidiki.


Wood encountered in most parts of the house , the frame of the walls, roof, floors on the first floor, the ” loggia “, as well as open balconies, the supports, beams , windows and doors are all wood . Feeling the presence of wood in every part of construction in symmetrical sections. Always unpainted and visible from all sides. The only decoration craftsmen were limited to sculpture wooden pillars and large indoor and covered balconies.

In Halkidiki oven ever built outside the house and take different shapes and forms. Sometimes and protruded like a fireplace was made in a highest level of the ground, sometimes disconnected again was a small building.


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