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Best to do for right swimm

Sea and pool swimmiing

In the sea

The decalogue of the right swimmer

  • Do not draw away from the shore, especially when youÉ’re not a good swimmer. Think of your return, which is always more exhausting.
  • Never swim with a full stomach. Its essential to swim at least after three (3) hours from your last meal. Moreover you should avoid swimming if you are completely foodless, because your body will not have the required energy to swim or stay in the sea.
  • Do not drink any alcoholic drinks if your about to swim
  • Avoid diving in areas, which you arent aware of their depth or of the formation of the bottom of the sea
  • On the organized beaches do not swim out of watch limits, which are defined by red floats, beyond which you are not allowed to swim. You should never ignore the warnings signs.
  • Avoid swimming or entering into corridors with red lights, which are placed for the circulation of boats.
  • During the first bathes do not sunbathe for a long time because you risk getting sunburn or even a sunstroke. You should always use sun care lotions or emulsions.
  • If you get tired while swimming or if you get a cramp do not get panic. Stay of the surface at a horizontal position so as to swim slowly when you are more relaxed.
  • In case you feel cold or dizzy get out of the sea immediately. .
  • If the stream carries you away do not waste your strength fighting against it. Do not get panic and try to save some energy. Turn your mouth and nose from the opposite side where the wind blows and just try to stay on the surface. If the stream is parallel to the shore, swim with it by reaching the shore under an inclination.

In the pool

Make sure is clean.

A pool is clean when:

  • – Its water is so clear that you can clearly see a coin at the bottom of it.
  • – The chlorine does not smell very much
  • – It doesnt have any other bad smell
  • – The water does not foam.
  • – The water is constantly renewed.

To enjoy a bath in the pool

  • It is necessary to take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Use soap or bubble bath if you had used a sun care lotion before.
  • If you have long hair wear a cap or plait it tight. .
  • Make sure not to drink any water form the pool.
  • Avoid diving

To enjoy sunbathing

  • When you get off the pool take a shower.
  • Change your wet swimming suit with a dry one
  • Lie on your towel and not on a deck chair.
  • Use a sun care lotion or emulsion rich in hydration ingredients.

Sea or Swimming pool ?


  1. It contains iodine
  2. Has less microbes.
  3. Because of the levity, it facilitates swimming
  4. It can be dangerous if there are stream.


  1. It is warmer.
  2. There arent any waves
  3. Due to its size, the microbes are easier to be spread.
  4. The wrong usage of chemical detergents can cause dermic irritations.
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