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Dionisiou beach, west coast of Halkidiki Greece

Dionisiou beach, west coast of Halkidiki Greece

Dionisiou is a village that has 1303 inhabitants who multiply during the summer as the village represents a “summer’s refugee” for thousands of tourists.

The seaside settlement absorbs a great part of the region’s tourism. It has a model street planning, as it’ s built along Thermaikos Gulf and it has a clear sea.

The visitor can spend a day in Dionisiou, enjoying the sea, taking a walk on the beach, and finally tasting delicious snacks in one of the many taverns or going to one of the village’s bars.


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Nea Flogita

Nea Flogita Halkidiki

Nea Flogita, West coast of Halkidiki

Nea Flogita is a seaside village built amphitheatrically with a view to Thermaikos gulf, at west coast fo Halkidiki.

It has 1501 inhabitants who during summertime come up to some thousands.

There is an organized sandy beach, decorated with 600 palm trees and the sea is one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches of the prefecture. The main activities of the habitats are agriculture and tourism.

Along the sea front there are many tavernas, fast foods, shops, confectioners, beach bar, cafes, and nightclubs.

The atmosphere in the height of the summer season is that of a “party style village”.

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Halkidiki Greece

Simantra is near the Nea Moudania, with 2526 inhabitants, who are mainly occupied with agriculture and trade.

One of the biggest carnivals of Halkidiki is organized in Simantra by local bodies, under the auspices of the Municipal Council.

Simantra is a refugee’s village, built by the refugees of Artaki of Propontida and Sementra of Kappadokia, from which later on it was named after. Its habitants set up in the settlement, which was then named Karkara in 1922 and 1924 respectively.

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Halkidiki Greece

The first settlement built by Pontus in Asia Minor.

Today the Municipal District Petralona with 377 residents classified as upland area with an altitude of 270 meters. Mountain “Goat” for the largest proportion of which is included in this apartment – the cave Petralona worldwide known for its important prehistoric finds such as the skull of Archanthropus and numerous bones of prehistoric animals. The main activities of the inhabitants are mainly rural farming grain and livestock, generally sheep.

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Halkidiki Greece

Located in West coast of Halkidiki and it is lowland. The distance from Polygyros is 24 km.

Tradition attributes the foundation of the city the name of the hero Olynthus, son of the river god Strymon, Herodotus says conquered by Bottiaiei of Emathia of 7ouai . eg when after prosecution by the Macedonians, moved in Halkidiki and settled in South Hill.

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Nea Triglia

Halkidiki Greece

The Nea Triglia founded in 1922 after the Asia Minor Catastrophe in the preexisting settlement Souflari. The first inhabitants of the village , in the most part , came from the eponymous city of Bosporus .

It is located about 4 km from the west coast of Halkidiki to the Thermaikos Gulf and the agrarian region extends to the shoreline .

The area is flat and strongly rural – Forage thing that determines the main occupation of the inhabitants who are engaging in primary production (agriculture and livestock)

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Nea Plagia

Halkidiki Greece

Nea Plagia, west coast of Halkidiki Greece

The population of beachfront village of Nea Plagia is 1,171 residents, historically associated with the slopes of Eastern Thrace. The first settlement was built in 1924 by refugees from Eastern Thrace. The original location was near the monastery then KARAMANEA in place of a swamp , where with the help of the monks built the first houses and gradually turned into fertile marsh land .

The village was named New Plagia to keep alive the memories of the old homeland.

Today, the visitor meets the beach of Nea sideways along the settlement where the clean sandy beaches are home to thousands of bathers in the summer months. Another feature of the village are the numerous parks with all kinds of flowers and trees highlight on the local flora .

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Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania Halkidiki

Nea Moudania Halkidiki Greece

The town of Nea Moudania has an intense tourist and financial activity, and aspires becoming the educational center of Halkidiki, as a Technical Education Institute (T.E.I) operates there. Nea Moudania is situated 60 km away from Thessaloniki.

They are connected with a through a highway, which goes through vineyards and hills. The buses to Halkidiki (KTEL) are very often (every quarter of an hour) and they connect Nea Moudania with Thessaloniki and the rest of Halkidiki. “Macedonia” airport is only 35 km far from the town.A great olive plantation is located at the outskirts of Nea Moudania, which in 1923 represented one of town’s pioneer settlers’ motivations.

After having seen the olive plantation, the visitor can admire the magnificent sea. The depth of the waters is ideal for the young visitors, as well as for those who are not very good swimmers.At the beach of Nea Moudania the visitor can enjoy some coffee, fresh fish and also some ouzo snacks that are being served at the fish-taverns.During the summer a cinema operates in the town. The visitor can spend some unforgettable moments at the various bars and clubs.

At the highest point of the town, the so-called “the hill of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Koryfini” a small basilica church is built in an enchanting environment. The icon of Panagia Koryfini, which traveled all the way from Kalolimnos of Near East, is kept there. The Virgin Mary is honored every year on the 8th September, day of a local holiday, with special celebrations, The romantic visitor can enjoy the wonderful sunset behind Mount Olympus, in the numerous cafés in the center of N. Moudania. When the weather conditions are good, the visitor can take pictures with the peninsula of Kassandra as a background.

The Open-air Theatre, ornament of the town, has a capacity of 2000 seats and there the visitor can see some quality theatre productions and high-class concerts, which are hosted within he “Sea Festival” during the summer. The Theatre is built in an area next to the sea and this summer promises to fascinate its spectators. A remarkable unique of a kind museum of marine exhibits and seashells, and a folklore museum with exhibits of the unforgettable homeland of the residents, are located in Nea Moudania.In mid-July the cultural club “Faros” and the Municipality of Moudania, organize a week of folklore meetings and thus offer to the locals and to the visitors unforgettable moments of entertainment. This event includes dance, music and theatrical shows. This week ends on Sunday with the well-known “Sardine festival”, a feast characterized by the smell of grilled sardine and retsina, which openhandedly are offered to everyone.

After the establishment of the Technical Education Institute of Thessaloniki (T.E.I) branch the Municipality has all kinds of educational levels, i.e., crèches and day nurseries, Preschools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, TEE (technical high school), Senior High School, IEK (vocational high school), Conservatoires, etc. An indoor gymnasium, football fields with sod, of the classic type (5X5) and other sports fields, such as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts encouraged the development of basketball, volleyball and football teams, which successfully participated into top league categories.

Every year, beach soccer, beach volley, and beach tennis games are organized, with participations from all over Greece. The Yachting Club of Nea Moudania, with its numerous activities, has won many international honors with its sailing courses and in international fishing competitions.In Nea Moudania there is a Health Center, a great number of private surgeries and laboratories of almost every specialization.

There are many pharmacies on a daily twenty-four hour base as well as a public veterinary hospital and four pets’ surgeries. A new deluxe hotel unit will open soon, with a contemporaneous conference room and a spa center.

The quantities of fish catch are very important, as one of the biggest fish-wharf is located in N. Moudania. The cultivated land area is 110,000,000 sq. meters. The main production is olives, peanuts, apricots etc. Olive presses and olive, salted preserves and fruit packing factories serve the needs of the consumers. These products are also exported to many countries abroad.The town of Nea Moudania, the centre of the Municipality, is the main commercial center of Halkidiki. Branches of the Agricultural Bank, National Bank, Commercial, Piraeus and ALPHA bank, all with automatic transaction machines (ATM), are situated there. Many big supermarkets and many good commercial shops exist to cover the consumers’ needs.

Every Wednesday, the biggest outdoors market in Halkidiki takes place. Furthermore, there are some factories of agricultural machinery and other manufactures.

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Nea Kallkiratia

Halkidiki Greece

Nea Kallikratia – west coast of Halkidiki Greece

Nea Kallkiratia was established after the refugee destruction in 1922, mainly by the residents who came from kallikrateia of Eastern Thrace and set up in the area, where the metohi of the Xenofontos Monastery of Mount Athos existed and it was called “Stomion”. Many testimonies report that it was inhabited by the prehistoric years, however they are not confirmed.

Excavations brought to light a headstone with a gable, which represents a girl with a pigeon on her left arm. The finding is kept in the Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki. The acropolis of Antigoneia, which is situated near the New Gonia, is of great interest. It was built in a natural bastion by the Macedonian King Antigonos Gonatas in 280 b.c. Its name survived during the Byzantine years in two villages of Ano and Kato Antigoneia.

The Municipality of Kallikrateia has many good beaches, which every year attract thousands of tourists.

The visitors receive good services because Kallkirateia has a great number of hotels, rooms to let and restaurants. If someone wants to spend his vacation by the sea, he must certainly visit Kallikrateia. The days during summertime will be unforgettable. Furthermore, after a pleasant day on the beach, nightlife begins ………and the visitor has a lot of choices to find whatever he likes!

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Saint Mamas

Halkidiki Greece

Agios Mamas (St Mamas) – Halkidiki Greece

Is a village with 1342 inhabitants, which is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia. The biggest hotels and municipal camping are located ?n the seaside settlements of “Portes”, “Varkes”, and “Gremia”, which are situated towards Thermaikos Gulf.

New resorts have started to develop on the beaches towards the Toronaios Gulf. The village is well known for the “trade fair of Agios Mamas” that takes place every September and attracts thousands of visitors.

History: The oldest organized human settlement is known to be in the region of Ag. Mamas. It was situated in the homonymous somersault (excavations are made) and existed there since 5000 b.c. Some documents of Mount Athos, dated 1047 b.c., refer to the existence of the village and what is more they refer to it with the same name. In 1423 Agios Mamas was taken under the Turkish domination and in the middle of the 15th century the village belonged to a Turk leader (Michael Beis). In 1821 the habitants of Agios Mamas participated in the Greek revolution.

The first known historic evidence for the trade fair is dated in 1870. The village was named after Agios Mamas.

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