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Day Tour to Edessa, Aridea

Day Tour to Edessa Aridea

Edessa is a well-known city in Central Macedonia, Greece. Local people use to call it ‘The city of waters’. Its main attraction is the waterfalls, which are located in the centre of the city.

Day Tour to Edessa and Aridea from Halkidiki

Our day trip to Edessa/Aridea will begin around 8:00 in the morning.

Our first stop will be the city of Edessa. During our stay there we will take a taste of the city by walking around the old graphical part of the city, which leads in the waterfalls. We will have the time to admire them, take photos and wander around its natural park.

Nature and water are well-balanced, creating a miracle! The breathtaking view and the calmness will touch our soul and relax our minds.

Back on bus and ready for our next stop which will be the hot springs of Aridea. This place is well-known from the period of The Great Alexander! Between the mountains and the green forests of Aridea ‘The Warm River’ flows with a temperature reaching 37 degrees!

Around the river are created hot springs, where people enjoy the healing properties of the warm thermal water, really famous for its benefits on health! Wander around and enjoy a wonderful place with tremendous beauty, clean air combined with the vivify water of the river and the hot springs.

An incredible experience!








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