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Fitness on the beach

Fitness on the beach

Fitness on the beach in Halkidiki

When you do sports on the beach you should : 

  • Prefer-doing sports either early in the morning or during the afternoon and not the hot hours during lunchtime.
  • Don’t forget to use sun cream and always wear a hat.
  • Drink a lot of liquids. The body sweats inside the water, although you don’t realize it.
  • Don’t’ exercise during lunchtime or if you have planned a sport activity, you should have eaten something light and during some time.
  • When you do sports on the beach is always good to wear shoes.
  • When you do sports inside the sea you should always wear a life jacket.


An ideal exercise for all, even for those who have problems in the joints. Swimming exercises all the muscles of the body and helps you burn calories and fat. You can swim in every way (backstroke, breakstroke, free style, butterfly) and don’t forget to breath.

BE CAREFUL: Swim by putting great effort, however without exhausting yourself. You can count your strokes and make sets of 50-100 with intervals of 3-4 minutes.

HOW MANY CALORIES YOU BURN: About 500 calories per hour


Rackets exercise the whole body and not only the arms and shoulders, as many believe. The more you improve your technique, (this mean you exchange many shots without the game being interrupted), the better you exercise. Comparing racket ball on a court or with tennis, racket ball on the beach exercises more the feet as moving on the sand is harder.

BE CAREFUL: The game can drift you away. Don’t forget to renew your sun care cream, to drink a lot of water and wear a hat.

HOW MANY CALORIES YOU BURN: In a medium tense you burn about 250-400 cal per hour, while playing with strong and quick shots you can burn about 400-600 per hour.


The constant movement and jumping exercise the feet, while the ball shots activate the muscles of the back, hands and shoulders. The sand makes this sport harder and more tiring than regular volleyball.

BE CAREFUL: The sand where you play has to be clean, so you won’t step on anything or hurt yourself on a fall.

HOW MANY CALORIES YOU BURN: In a relaxed tense you will burn about 380-460 calories per hour, but if you play in a more competitive spirit the calories may go up to 600 or 700 per hour.


It is considered to be a difficult sport, which requires good technique and good balance. It exercises the whole body and in particular the muscles of the chest, back, shoulders and hands, which are activated while handling the sail.

BE CAREFUL: If you try learn how to surf by yourself, you may hurt yourself, especially your back and shoulders. You must always wear a life jacket, avoid rocky beaches and never surf if the wind is too strong and the waves too big.

HOW MANY CALORIES YOU BURN: When you learn how to surf you will burn 200-400 cal per hour, while an advanced surfer will burn from 500-600 calories per hour.


It’s a lot easier than you can imagine. However, it requires a very good balance and strength. It exercises all the muscles of the body, and mostly those of the feet and of the abdominal. It is a very important exercise for the hands and shoulders, because they contribute to the preservation of good balance.

BE CAREFUL: Unfortunately, there is a great danger of getting injured while falling. Thus, you have to take many lessons in order to learn to fall right.

HOW MANY CALORIES YOU BURN: A beginner should burn from 380-500 cal per hour, while a more advanced one up to 650 cal per hour. The difficulty is to hold one our of water ski, as it is an extremely tiring sport.

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