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Halkidiki sports

Halkidiki sports

Halkidiki Sports

Besides enjoying the beautiful environment and bathing in crystal clear waters, Halkidiki is an excellent choice for sports enthusiasts. A wide range of ground and water sports can be found practically around any corner, and plentiful options are at disposal for the professionals and occasional sportsmen alike.


Cycling paths crisscross the entire region, from the southern point of Kassandra peninsula to Stavros and Asprovalta at the northeast of Halkidiki. Along the way, you can marvel at historical places, beautiful countryside, open sea views, and more. Beginners and occasional bikers will find Kassandra much more inviting because it is flatter when compared with Sithonia and Athos. However, Sithonia, with its rises and descents, is much more rewarding and attractive.

Other ground sports

Each place and resort in Halkidiki makes an excellent option for certain activities. Since resorts and settlements are generally not far from one another, you can use it as advantage to indulge yourselves with your favorite sports, or try a new one. How about hiking or riding a horse through beautiful forests, along the beach or at the slope of the mountain Itamos?

Water sports

Water sports are an especially popular type of recreation on Halkidiki, particularly diving, kayaking and parasailing. Various wrecks and reefs make diving quite adventuresome, while kayaking along the picturesque coastline reveals Halkidiki in its all beauty.

Numerous diving centers are dotted along the coast, which offer diving classes and excursions. Due to the exceptional beauty of the seaside, make sure to visit Sea Kayak Halkidiki in Vourvourou, Sithonia.

Water skiing, wind surfing and tubing are also popular pastime activities.


A wide range of activities is at disposal to all visitors. Besides standard ones, you should try something new because Halkidiki has much to offer from above and under the water.

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