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Holomontas Mountain

Holomontas Halkidiki

Through the dense foliage of the trees emerges the view of the three peninsulas , and the Aegean islands. The dense foliage of trees – green, golden yellow and gray – create an idyllic atmosphere. Taverns in the woods and villages offer hunting and other delicious local delicacies. Small churches scattered throughout the route. Numerous festivals and local celebrations. Excellent local products and delicacies prepared by the cooperatives of women, but the residents individually, are available to visitors …

All this combined with the archaeological sites in Ancient Stagira, the birthplace of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, and their special architectural importance settlements Arnaia are a unique alternative for winter.

Holomontas Halkidiki


The rich forest Holomontas the provinces Arnaia and Poligiros is usually snowy winter and offers unforgettable tours. Pines, firs, oaks and beeches interspersed with chestnut and olive oaks and abundant are the streams and springs. The air is so clean , that cuts your breath. The biodiversity of the forest favors the development of a large population of game and wild animals and birds.

Indeed hunting hare and wild boar is very prevalent in the area.

Holomontas Halkidiki
Nature lovers who want to experience the mountain Halkidiki , we can follow the three forest trails that have been hacked in the area:

The 16th track, which starts at Poligiros and continues in the surrounding hills, in a beautiful natural landscape.
The 17th track, which begins the mountain village commander and, passing through a dense forest, leads to the village Vrastama.
On the 18th, starting at Vrastama and ends in the same village. Hikers pass through the natural cave of St. Euthymius, formerly hermitage and chapel now.
In some places the paths the view to the Aegean Sea and the three peninsulas of the county is impressive.

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