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Islands in Halkidiki

Ammouliani Island Halkidiki


Ammouliani is a little island in the gulf of the Athos peninsula.

It is the only populated island in Halkidiki. It covers an area of about 4.5 square kilometers, is 120 km away from Thessaloniki and is connected to the shore across the sea, Tripiti, through regular ferryboat routes lasting 10 minutes.

Green is prevalent on the island, which is covered with olive trees and undergrowth. Its isolated gulfs are the ideal destination for those wishing for peace and rest. The best choice is for you to visit all beaches of the island, even the most secluded, as they are renowned for their sky-blue waters.

The most well-known beach is Alikes, which has been awarded a blue flag for its clean waters, followed by Agios Georgios, Megali Ammos, Karagatsia etc. In 1925, after the genocide of the Greek population in Asia Minor, the island was allotted to the refugees coming from the Sea of Marmara Islands (Gallimi, Pasalimani, Skoupia). The refugees brought their knowledge of the trade of fishing along, which is the main occupation of the local population till today. Especially impressive is the church of St. Nikolaos, built in 1865 at the town square, as well as the old school hosting the folk culture museum.

On the island of Amouliani you can find restaurants/taverns, coffee shops/bar, supermarkets, souvenir shops, night clubs, establishments letting motorcycles and boats.  The beautiful, sky-blue water beaches of many creeks, where you can enjoy clean sea with a rich water world, are waiting for you to explore them.

Diasporos island


Diasporos island, surrounded by a cluster of smaller islands, Ampelitsia, Nun, Dove, Saint Isidore, Prassonisi and located opposite Vourvourou , just 10 km from Agios Nikolaos in Sithonia.

In the area there are remains of prehistoric creatures that in 3000 BC the settlement of Diaporo dating to the Early Bronze Age , and met stones , a few broken dishes and some millstones

To visit the islands today is quite difficult as well because there is not inhabited and daily transport.

However, boats for sale can be found on Vourvourou and make a visit to a sandy beach or in a hidden cove .


Drenia Islands

The locals say “Gaidouronisia” is a group of small islands located two miles from Ouranoupoli Ammouliani. You can go with your own boat or rent a boat from Ouranopoli or from Kamboudi (no need diploma).

You can also go with the boats that make the daily itinerary, the staircase Ouranoupolis (in front of the Tower), starting at 10 am to 6 pm per hour. Has tavern for food and recreation.


Kelyfos island

The shape of this island is like a turtle. Locals  called also “Turtle Island”. Located opposite of Neos Marmaras. The island is full of wild goats but it is best known for its spectacular seabed. Many diving centers organize diving courses there.

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