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Kassandra Halkidiki Greece

Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki

Kassandra, the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, is renowned for its preserved natural beauty, engaging nightlife, annual festivals, and endless entertaining opportunities. And, after marvelous daytime and nighttime activities, the accommodation facilities catering to all types of travelers will take care for your deserved rest.

As you traverse the Kassandra’s coastline, which is splashed by the aquamarine waters of the North Aegean, you’ll be enchanted by everything you see between the pristine and the wild beauty of the northern Kassandra, the sea of greenery at east and entertaining facilities in the west. Numerous beach bars dot the coastline, whose blue-flagged beaches and wooded caps penetrate the marvelous sea. While you are around the Paliouri Beach, take a break at the famous beach bars.

Among the numerous luxurious hotel and apartment complexes, Sani resort is most appealing, to say the least. Natural and artificial craftsmanship complement each other perfectly, and golden sand beaches are tucked between pine forests and crystal clear waters. The Greek goods oversee the Sani resort since it stands in the shadow of the Mount Olympus. Sani festival, featuring modern dance, theatrical performances and arts, is a must-see for any traveler.

Speaking of festivals, Kassandra festival, taking place in Siviri, is another entertaining and educational event. The highlight is concerts and performances based on modern and ancient Greek drama.

Besides Sani on the western coast of Kassandra, you can indulge yourselves with beach parties and other nightlife in Pefkohori, Polichrono and Fourka beach, Posidi  on the eastern side. Seaside taverns, lounges and clubs are plentiful.

Before getting to the nightly entertainment, though, make sure to visit Afitos, the traditional and most beautiful village of Kassandra. Located on the north-eastern side of the peninsula and overlooking a marvelous sandy bay, Afitos is rich in Orthodox Christian churches, stone houses and cobbled streets.

And how better to end a busy day than in the spa located atop the hill, with a view on the sea and surrounded by a pine forest? The thermal spa of Agia Paraskevi offers rejuvenating treatments in its saunas, hydro massage facilities, hammams and swimming pools.

Villages of Kassandra

Siviri Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Siviri - Siviri is situated between Kassandreia and Fourka.
Sani Nea Fokea Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Sani - Sani is one of the most beautiful places before Nea Fokea village in Kassandra
Posidi Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Posidi - Posidi is the beach of Kallandra and it is well known. The most famous characteristic of the region is its lighthouse, which is built for many years.
Polichrono Kassandra Halkidiki Polichrono - The history of Polichrono begins in 650 b.c when the Eretrieis came to the Peninsula of Kassandra
Pefkohori Kassandra Halkidiki Pefkohori - Pefkohori is located 102 km away from Thessaloniki. The name Pefkohori means Pine village thus one can understand why. Surrounded by a Pinewood and by Olive Plantations, Pefkohori is one of the small Paradises in Halkidiki.
Paliouri Halkidiki Paliouri - The visitor can admire the unique nature and stroll around the verdurous paths of the Pinewood or walk in the traditional alleys of the village, which give a unique traditional color.
Nea Skioni Kassandra Halkidiki Nea Skioni - Nea Skioni was established in 1918 where fisherman huts existed. In 1930, the old village “Tsaprani”
N. Potidea Kassandra Halkidiki Greece Nea Potidea - N. Potidea is the unique way to access the Peninsula of Kassandra. The magic canal is an unforgettable sight.
Nea Fokea Kassandra Halkidiki Nea Fokea - The beautiful seaside village of Fokaia, with the well-preserved Byzantine tower of St. Paul, the picturesque small port, the beautiful beaches and the clean sea
Halkidiki Greece Mola Kalyva - Mola Kaliva has a very calm, almost like paradise landscape, a dry climate, a beautiful endless beach
Loutra Agia Paraskevi Kassandra Halkidiki Loutra - 5 km south of Agia Paraskevi, in front of the sea there is the settlement of Loutra
Kriopigi Pigadakia Kriopigi - Kriopigi is located in the Peninsula of Kassandra about 90 km away from Thessaloniki
Kassandrino Kassandra Halkidiki Kassandrino - In the center of the peninsula, in a valley full of green, in a beautiful piney skyline, lies the village of Kassandrino
kassandreia halkidiki Kassandreia - Kassandreia is a city of 3,500 habitants that during summertime becomes a big city of 25,000 habitants and it is the reference point of the Peninsula of Kassandra.
Κalithea Κassandra Ηalkidiki Kallithea - Kalithea is a refugee’s village of 3,500 acres. The habitants were established in the region after the Near East disaster and the exchange of population.
Tavern at Posidi Kassandra Halkidiki Kalandra - The region of Kalandra, of which the establishment of its settlement in today’s village must have taken place in the last Byzantine years
Hanioti Kassandra Halkidiki Hanioti - The beautiful beach of Hanioti attracts every year many visitors. The village is full of green and there are many beautiful spots where the visitor can enjoy a coffee or food.
Fourka Beach Kassandra Halkidiki Fourka - A village full of green. A paradise with pinewoods, olive trees, and every kind of trees and flowers.
Agia Paraskevi, Kassandra Halkidiki Agia Paraskevi - Agia (Saint) Paraskevi is located in the inland of Kassandra, surrounded by a pinewood
Afytos Kassandra Halkidiki Afitos - Athitos of the painters, Athitos of the men who love and dream of it. Its characteristic location with a view to the Toronaios Gulf

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