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Learn Greek

Many times we’ve been to countries and wished to have known at least some special expressions to service ourselves better and to communicate with the others more succesfully.
Some typical words about the weather, the people, the food, the prices and the entertainment. This page intend to offer you this unusual but important information.

(italics are accented sylables)

Hello: ya-sou
Yes: neh
No: oh-khe
Please and You are welcome: pah-rah-kah-low
Thank-you: ef-khar-ee-stow
How are You?: Tee-kah-nees
Fine: kah-la
What is your name?: pos-seh-leh-neh
My name is….: meh-leh-neh……
I’m from..: ee-meh ap-oh….
I don’t understand Greek: then cat-ah-la-ven-oh eh-len-ee-kah
Do you speak English?: Mee-las ang-lee-ka
Goodbye: ya-sou (or ah-dee-oh)
Where is: poo ee-neh
how much: pos-oh kah-nee
It’s too much: ee-neh po-lee
food: fag-ee-toh
water: neh-ro
bank: trap-ez-ah
post office: tach-ee-dro-mee-oh
restaurant: es-ti-ah-tor-ion
hotel: ksen-oh-tho-khee-on
breakfast: proy-ee-no
bus: lay-oh-for-ee-oh
toilet: toy-let-tah
beach: par-ee-lee-ah
harbor: lee-man-ee
I would like a ticket for…: thell-oh eh-na iss-ee-tee-ree-oh yah…

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