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Mount Itamos

Mount Itamos

Mount Itamos is the highest mountain and the biggest mountain range of Sithonia Peninsula in Halkidiki Greece.


Mount Itamos is the highest mountain and the biggest mountain range of Sithonia Peninsula. The mountain’s peak stands 811 meters above the sea level. Located near Neos Marmaras, it is a large recreational area suitable for biking and hiking.

Getting around is also possible in a vehicle. Mount Itamos prides on rich vegetation and grants exceptional panoramic views of the Toroneos Gulf from its western slopes. Finally, the Parthenonas village offers a welcoming respite and delicious dining at its taverns.


The name of the mountain relates to rare trees inhabiting Mount Itamos. These trees are not only rare, but assumed to be the oldest tree species in Greece. The full diameter of Itamos tree is 1.2 meters. The pericarp of the tree’s fruit develops poison. According to mythology, Greek goddess Artemis used this substance for poisonous arrows. Besides Itamos, various conifer trees (junipers, black pines) inhabit the mountain.

Rabbits, wild pigs, foxes and wolves use Mount Itamos as their home. Deer are also spotted. Birdwatchers will enjoy spending time here since many bird species happen to be around.


The asphalt road leads to the village of Parthenonas. From there, dirt road with gravel continues uphill to the summit of the mountain. The entire route is about 40% asphalt and 60% dirt.

You can cycle the entire way from Neos Marmaras to the peak of Mount Itamos. Note, though, that biking all the way up and down is suitable only for seasoned bikers. The entire length of the route is 37 km, and you can cover it by car, too.

Once you spot a country church, which is at the 800-meter altitude, you will know that you are almost at the top. Once there, you will take note of a watchtower. Climb it to admire unparalleled views of Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos peninsulas, and of the entire Halkidiki.

Besides cycling routes, the mountain range has various hiking trails. Forest roads are also available, but are suitable only for 4 x 4 vehicles. All of them traverse pine forests, olive groves and rock formations.


Once you reach the summit of Mount Itamos, head northeast. In that direction, you will find Itamos trees, which have found their place in the Greek mythology.

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