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Nea Skioni

Nea Skioni Kassandra Halkidiki

Nea Skioni, Kassandra Halkidiki

Nea Skioni was established in 1918 where fisherman huts existed. In 1930, the old village “Tsaprani”, which was located in the mountain of Kassandra, was abandoned.

The new village was named after the ancient Skioni, which was the oldest colony. According to Thoukidides it was built after the Trojan War by the Pellineis of Peloponnese, who located there to spend the winter.

After the Medic wars, it became member of the Athenian Alley. However, during the Peloponnesian war it joined the Lakedaimonious and then the Athenians full of rage wanted to punish Skioni thus they slaughtered all the man, who were 18 years old and over. Then, refuges Plataieis settled in the deserted town.Ancient Skioni flourished during the Roman years but we do not know when exactly it was completely ruined.

Today New Skioni lies around its charming harbor where the sun meets with the sea and serenity dominates everywhere as the fishing boats return at the end of the day, bringing fresh fish, which you can taste in all the fish taverns of the village.

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