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North – Central Halkidiki

Northern and Central Halkidiki

North – Central Halkidiki Greece

On your way toward the peninsulas and the seaside of Halkidiki it would be great to make a stop in northern and central region of Halkidiki, which is dominated by mountain Holomontas. As you make your way through the winding mountain paths on the bike or vehicle, you’ll witness rich wildlife and a wide variety of plant species, featuring endless hues and colors. As you are getting higher, oaks are replaced with chestnuts, pines, firs and other trees. Colonies of flowers make the setting truly idyllic.

Somewhere along the rich woodland, crisscrossed with canyons, rivers and natural springs, beautiful traditional villages await to make yet another pleasant surprise. Each village is charming in its own way, but your route should be planned not to leave Arnaia out.

Designated “historical place” and “traditional settlement”, Arnea is an excellent example of the traditional Macedonian architectural style. Visiting its Historical and Folklore Museum and taverns at the main square would be an excellent addition to your Halkidiki experience. There are tourist guesthouses available, and during summer you can enjoy various festivals and time-honored events.

While you’re in Arnaia, you are within close proximity to Stagira, the birthplace of a celebrated philosopher Aristotle. Park of Aristotle is another place worth visiting. Any time you could spare would be better than none.

An ideal temporary base for exploring the countryside, active nightlife, even seaside activities, is Poligiros, the capital of Halkidiki. Polygiros is spread on the Mount Holomontas’ side, offering magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding area. Although not a typical tourist resort, Polygiros offers accommodation establishments for any traveler. Numerous courts are at disposal for sport activities, while rich nightlife can be found in plentiful bars. Archaeological and Folklore museums shouldn’t be bypassed either. The closest beach is around 16 kilometers away (Kalyves). Additionally, Polygiros features several annual cultural events.

If you’re accustomed to enjoy gourmet specialties in the regions you visit, you should head to Agios Prodromos. Here, you’ll probably taste the most delicious souvlaki in all Greece. The art of preparation of such delicacy is carefully passed between countless generations, and St. John the Baptist souvlaki can be had in Agios Prodromos’ traditional taverns.


Geroplatanos Geroplatanos - It is located on the foothills of Mount Cholomontas and in the 2001 Consensus had 449 residents
Polygyros Polygyros - Polygiros, is the capital of the Prefecture, which during the last years it has developed and transformed into a modern country town, preserving though its nobility and tradition color, showing the identification of Halkidiki
Nea Tenedos Nea Tenedos - The first residents of the apartment were refugees from the island of Tenedos.
Megali Panagia - Halkidiki School Megali Panagia - M. Panagia is built on the feet of the mountain Htikela, and is situated at a distance 16 km away from the sea
Krini Halkidiki Greece Krini - The Municipal District of the fountain with a population of 574 inhabitants is the oldest community in the Municipality
Doumbia, North-Central Halkidiki Doumbia - Doumpia have acquired a special place not only in Greece, but also in an international level
Vrastama Halkidiki Vrastama - Situated at the foothills of Holomontas and characterized as a mountainous region. The distance is 11 km Polygiros.
Varvara Central Halkidiki Varvara - Built near a beautiful forest with incredible growth potential of tourism. Moreover, they have already created remarkable guesthouses, while many residents engaged in logging
Vavdos Halkidiki Vavdos - A mountainous village, which has intensively the historic and cultural characteristics of Halkidiki
Arnea Halkidiki Arnea - Arnea is one of the most picturesque villages of North Halkidiki.
Agios Prodromos North Halkidiki Greece Agios Prodromos - Agios Prodromos located at the foothill of mount Holomontas and it's 14 km away from Poligiros.
Taxiarhis North Halkidiki Taxiarhis - Taxiarhis is built near the crown of mount Holomontas at altitude of 650 m in North Halkidiki.
Metagitsi Sithonia Halkidiki Metagitsi - The village Metaggitsi is situated southward of the prefecture of Halkidiki, among the peninsula of Mount Athos and Sithonia and after Agios Nikolaos at a height about 150m.
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