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Potidaia was founded around 600 b.c. by Corinthians colonists. During the Persian Wars Potidaia played an important role, while its defection in 432-31 b.c from the AÉ’ Athenian Alley was one of the reasons that caused the Peloponnesian War.

Then, many conquests by the Athenians and by the Spartans followed till the final desolation of the town, in 356 b.c. by Philippos B. In 316-15 b.c Kassandros founded a new town in the same location, Kassandreia, which flourished during the Greek and Roman period.

The XVI Tax Service of Culture and Antiquities made many excavations, which revealed ancient layers of a remarkable pottery and building relics as well as tombs of Athenians beneficiaries of the classic era. Theyve also found parts of the fortification of the Greek and Roman Kassandreia, parts of buildings and cemeteries, and the most important of all theyve found a Macedonian Tomb of one cavity.

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