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Pyrgos Prosforeiou

Pyrgos Prosforeiou Ouranoupoli

The Pyrgos Prosforeiou is a museum housed in a restored Byzantine Tower, at Ouranoupoli.

The complex consists of the byzantine tower, the small, fortified yard and the port. It belonged to the dependency of Prosforion (today’s Ouranoupoli) the original core of which already belonged to the Vatopediou monastery in 1018. In an earthquake in 1585 it suffered great damage and that in 1858 it was abandoned.

In addition, it was probably burned in 1821, since there are testimonies that in 1858 it was in a terrible condition and abandoned.

THE LOCHS: The Australian writer and journalist Joice NanKivelli travelled to Europe to report the events of the 1st world war. She married Scotish journalist and writer Sydney Loch and together they continued traveling around the world offering humanitarian help. In 1928, they decided to settle, to the Prosforiou tower that charmed them.
Their largest contribution to the local society was the preservation of the traditional patterns of handmade textiles and how to naturally color the wool.

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