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Sports Mad in Halkidiki: How to Stay Entertained During Your Trip

Sports Mad in Halkidiki

In many ways, Halkidiki is the perfect holiday destination. It has white sandy beaches, beautiful Mediterranean forests, historical sites such as Aristotle’s birthplace, and modern attractions including restaurants, nightclubs, and spas. There is so much to see and do that it will please just about everyone who visits.

However, vacations can present some difficulty for all kinds of sports fans. There’s no guarantee that your holiday will fit perfectly around the season schedule, whether you’re into football, hockey, basketball, or something else.

So, what’s the best way to keep in touch and stay entertained during your trip?

Sign Up for Sports-Based Activities

Many of the resorts in Halkidiki offer specialised sports programmes for guests. It’s worth checking whether things like the tennis courts, soccer pitches, and running paths are free for you to use or whether there is a fee. Places like Sani Resorts offer a diverse range of activities including the Rafa Nadal tennis academy, a scuba diving academy, and archery tuition; some of these come gratis with your booking, whereas others do charge a reasonable price per session.

Investigate Sports Betting

Another way in which to engage with your favourite team while you’re away is to try your hand at sports betting. The convenient thing about this activity is that it can be accessed remotely using the internet, so travel needn’t present a barrier. Plenty of platforms offer the opportunity to place free bets on your favourite teams and players, so you can have a go without leaving your comfort zone. Betting can provide that extra bit of excitement and connection as you watch how the gameplay unfolds, especially while on holidays.

Seek Out Live Broadcasts

Of course, the second-best thing to watching the game live is to watch it live on the big screen. The bigger resorts often host their own sports bar on-site, but if there isn’t anywhere to watch the game where you’re staying, then the region does have some great places to head to instead. Karydas is a small but friendly place in Ormylia, whereas FIKI is a bustling upmarket restaurant and bar right on the beach at Pefkohori.

Try Out Virtual Sports

Sun, sea, and sand might sound like paradise but the reality is that, if you’re not a reader of novels or an ardent sunbather, you’re going to need something to entertain you while you kick back and relax. Enter esports. Places like PLAY and Café Sartios combine a standard sports bar with an internet café so that you can enjoy watching live matches on the big screen or take part yourself using their array of consoles and desktops.

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