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The toilet-bag of your vacation

Travel bag
  • When choosing on the stuff you are going to take with you don”t think if I need this, but think I will not be needing this
  • Take with you more skin care products and try to limit your cosmetics. Relaxing and tanning are enough to stress out your beauty in the summer.
  • Choose products which combine two things (known as 2 in 1). Even if its rather true that these products are not as effective as the ones used for only one purpose, still is the best choice if you dont want your toilet-bag to look like a suitcase.
  • In order to save some space you can take with you sample of the products you use instead of the regular packages.
  • Take two toilet-bags, one to use on the beach and one to use in your room. Furthermore, it would be best not to have a shared toilet-bag with your partner.

Womens toilet-bag

  • You have to take with you:
    • 1. Hydration face cream with UVA filter and colour
    • 2. Sun care emulsion for the face and body
    • 3. Sun care lotion for the hair
    • 4. Sun care stick for the lips
    • 5. Shampoo and emollient cream.
    • 6. Hydration cream or emulsion for after sun (face and body)
    • 7. Depilatory product.
    • 8. Cleansing demake up cream or demake up tissues
    • 9. Toothbrush
    • 10.Toothpaste and oral solution
    • 11.Your deodorant
    • 12.Your perfume
  • Cosmetics:
    • A light make-up.
    • Powder and blush.
    • Eye pencil and waterproof mascara
    • Shadows. Lip and eye pencil

Mens toilet-bag

  • You have to take with you:
    • 1. Sun care emulsion for the face and body.
    • 2. Bubble bath and shampoo
    • 3. Saving foam, razors and after-shave.
    • 4. Toothbrush
    • 5. Toothpaste and oral solution
    • 6. Your deodorant
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