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Travel with your pet

Dog in Halkidiki

Before starting the journey

Visit the doctor. He will check the health of the animal and will give you the health certificate and vaccination, which must have with you if you travel by ship or airplane, but if you stay in a hotel.

Ask the doctor a prospective treatment for fleas and ticks, which risk each animal.

Feed your pet 3- 4hrs before the trip and consult your veterinarian about whether you should give it some medicine for nausea or if you are very nervous and scared of the trip, a veterinary sedative.

If you travel by car

Your pet is best to travel in a spacious basket, it is well ventilated .

On the way, if you have a dog, stop periodically and unplug it out for resting, walking and calm.

Avoid giving large amount of food or water to the animal while traveling.

If it’s too hot, do not let your pet over 10 minutes in stopped car, even if it is in the shade and you leave the windows open.

If you travel by plane

Tell the company that you are traveling with the animal. Some countries ( eg , England , Australia , Saudi Arabia ) do not allow the admission of animals requires specific permission from the embassy or quarantine.
If your pet is up 5kg , you can have it with you in a special cage.

If the animal is older, will travel to his cage into the special area of the airplane intended for animals.

In each case it is necessary to have your health certificate and vaccination of the animal.

If you travel by ship

Have your health certificate and vaccination of the animal.

Small animals (up 5kg ) you can have it with you. You must wear a muzzle, but officials are often flexible.

The largest animals traveling to specific areas of the ships.

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