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Traveling by airplane

Traveling by airplane

When you might have to cancel your trip

There are some health problems for which you should consult your doctor before you travel by plane.

These are:

  • Allergies and sniffles: If you suffer from allergic rhinitis, pharyngitis, otitis you better consult with your doctor before getting on a plane.
  • Pulmonary sac: If you have a sac in your lungs, then you should first remove it by surgery and then travel by plane.
  • Recent operation: The variations of the atmospheric pressure may cause you dyshporia and pain.
  • Recent heavy medical examination: If you recently have made a dangerous or tiring examination such as angiocardiography
  • Chronic respiratory problems: Those who have respiratory problems in normal atmospheric pressure (that is on the ground) have more chances of having dyspnoea during the flight. Your doctor will prescribe you a bronchi-dilative spray, which will help you breath or he will give useful advice so as to prevent or confront any problems.
  • Pregnancy: The first and last trimester of pregnancy you must have your doctorÉ’s permission before getting on a plane. If you generally have a difficult pregnancy, then it would be better if you avoid traveling by plane.

Jet lag

When there is a big time difference between the departure and the destination place or a change in the hemisphere, therefore season, your internal biologic clock is disturbed and you feel the so called jet lang.

The symptoms include among others:

  • Sleepiness -exhaustion
  • Lack of orientation
  • Swelling at your feet
  • Headache

The intensity of the symptoms and their duration depends on the person.

Before travelling

In order to reduce the intensity and the duration of the jet lag symptoms you might try the followings:

  • Avoid great quantity of alcohol and make sure not to travel while you are suffering from a hangover.
  • Few days before traveling try to have a lighter diet
  • Try to sleep well so as to travel relaxed and fresh
  • Try to travel by day and not by night

During the flight

  • Choose a light meal (do not eat everything it is served)
  • Try to sleep. If you are annoyed by the noise or light, try to have earplugs with you and a special eye mask.
  • Synchronize your watches with the time of your destination and try to function based on this time.
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