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Traveling with your baby

Traveling with your baby

By car

Choose the right children’s seat

There are 2 categories of seats:

1. The seats that belong in the first category are suitable for babies until 9 months or weight of ten kilos and they usually replace the port-bebe or relaxation. They are always placed with time opposite to the course of movement and are fixed in the back seat with the help of area of safety of three points.

In the same category are included seats for children of age from 9 months until 4 years, that is to say until the child acquires weight of roughly 18 kilos. The seats are placed in the back seat with direction to the time of movement of car and are secured with areas of three points.

2. The seats that belong in the second category are suitable for children of age of 5-11 years, that is to say weight until 36 kilos and height until 150 hundredth. They are used in order to they lift off the child and they allow the right application of area of safety. Exist lifting seats with back for children until 25 kilos and simple lifting cushions for children until 36 kilos.

For a safety travel

  • Don’t put the children’s seat near the driver’s seat.
  • Follow the directives of constructor. Be certified that you have tied up rightly the seat with the area of car and the child with the seat.
  • Place the children’s seat in the back part of car, in order to you offer in the child double safety, that of children’s of seat and that of back place.

It has been calculated that the children’s seats, when they are used rightly, decrease at 71% the danger of death in children of age under 5 years, at 67% the probability of import in the hospital from serious wound and at 50% the danger of challenge of uncritical harm.

By boat

The bigger danger for a child that travels with boat is his curiosity and the disposal for exploration. The deck of boat is usually liquid and it slips a lot, the scales are abrupt and with very narrow steps, the doors close with force, and certain exist a lot of chairs, which a child very easily can transport in the end of boat in order to goes up and looks at the waves and… the fishes.

In order to you avoid the accidents

  • If the child is under 3 years old, its better to travel having it closes cabin.
  • Be informed for the rules of safety of boat and for what it should you make in case of accident.
  • Do not try to impose in the children to remain in a seat next to you, without they are raised until you reach. It is sure that their curiosity will overcome also you will find him to seek. Make together a first walk in the various parts of boat and answer him in all the questions.
  • Attend the shoes of children that they must be flat and do not slip.
  • Do not leave the children to go in and out continuously from the lounge in the deck.
  • Do not allow in the children to visit alone the toilets.

By plane

Front… you are taken off

  • If it is baby, you inform the air company that you are travel with your baby. Most companies have special menu and special seats for the babies.
  • Attend to be found in the airport at least one hour from before determining.
  • Find ways to occupy the children in their seat and do not leave them to resolve the areas of safety. Their beloved game or fairy tale should not be absent from your bag.
  • Independent from whether it exists children’s menu, better is you have attended you for what it will eat the child. So, you will have at least two alternative solutions.
  • Do not leave the children to visit alone them the toilet.

In order to may not generally dizzy

  • Attend in order that the child seats with light bent to behind, in order to is not pressed his stomach and is in danger it suffers nausea.
  • The clothes should be comfortable and relaxed and have rubber.
  • Read you a fairy tale or you say his history, but don’t you leave it alone to reads during the travel.
  • Give in the child a light but satisfied dinner or a meal before travel and you attend drink only small sips water at his duration. Foods that are recommended are chicken, meat or fish boiled in combination with boiled vegetables.
  • Avoid the greasy foods, the pastries and the refreshments.
  • Don’t remind episodes of dizziness and vomiting of previous travels.
  • Avoid the eve in closed spaces where there aren’t enough fresh air (ex. lounge of boat) and you have a certain window open in the car.
  • Do not smoke next to him.

What you make if it is made dizzy

  • In the car: Make an attitude for 20 with 30 minutes. Leave the child to take clean air to walk and to be forgotten.
  • In the boat: Come out in the deck and marsh it seats and it calms down.
  • In the plane: Beneficial will be proved cool towels in the neck and the forehead. In the case where you do not accomplish to avoid the vomiting, not you give in the child eats nothing for half hour, apart from small sips cool water. Then, it will be good to eat rusks or cracker, that absorb the stomach liquids.

ATTENTION: Do not give in the child antiemetic medicines. If it is often made dizzy in the travels, you are consulted the doctor to recommends you preventive education.

The clothes of small traveller

  • You select the clothes of child taking into consideration his comfort. Think that it will not be supposed to be cold, but neither be warm and it sweats.
  • Take with you and second clothes for the case where it is soiled or rained.
  • If you travel with the car or the plane, they do not exist restrictions in the clothes or the shoes. Only that sure it should you have with you it is a cardigan or a thin jacket, cause children get cold easily in spaces that are air-conditioned.
  • In the boat, you give attention in the shoes and you prefer athletic or other that would have no slips shoes. Finally, you do not forget his hat.

The bag of travel

  • The bag of traveIts good to have with you:
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Small sandwiches with cheese
  • Children’s biscuits (with no chocolate)
  • Light and ready food
  • Special sachets for the vomiting
  • a thermometer
  • One light blanket
  • 2 small towels
  • his beloved games

The suitcase of baby

If you are not absolutely certain that in your destination you will find what you need for the daily care, but also the diet of baby, then will need, except his clothes, you will prepare also a rucksack with all the types of his first need.

These are:

  • The milk
  • his nappies
  • the children’s bubble-bath
  • the custard for after bathroom
  • the children’s suntan lotion
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