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Unforgettable Greek Holidays That Blow Out Of Mind

Unforgettable Greek Holidays That Blow Out Of Mind

Greece is one of the top European tourist destinations, featuring marvelous nature, popular resorts, exquisite dishes and the foundations of the world. Greek holidays are colored in turquoise blue of its shores (like those on Lefkada Island), verdant green of intact forests (in Sithonia, Halkidiki) and white of Greek traditional architecture (like the one on Santorini Island). Anywhere you go between these tiny spots on the map, you will be rewarded with much more.


The holidays are additionally spiced up with delicious cuisine that is renowned throughout the world. Just think of Gyros, Olive oil, even tasty olives, dried or filled with hot paprika, and the excellence is fortified like the foundations of Greek temples whose replicas can be seen throughout the world. Speaking of, Athens is probably the best place to appreciate the Greek cultural legacy, but it is far from the only one. When in Greek you can also go to Crete, the center of the Minoan Civilization, to Corfu, a favorite haven of former Austro-Hungarian empress Elizabeth, or, back again, to Halkidiki and Macedonia, once a region that Alexander the Great used as its base. The wide diversity in every regard is guaranteed wherever your travels take you.

Greece is abundant with nature resorts that are inhabited with diverse wildlife. Set out on the hike to Warm Valley around Grevena, overgrown with age-old conifer trees, or take binoculars to Lake Kerkini, one of Europe’s top bird watching destinations. Or stop by Halkidiki and buy the most delicious honey you have ever tasted, made of pine or locally cultivated sousoura.

And what should be said about Greek architectural marvels that isn’t known yet? Maybe this; the Acropolis isn’t located only in Athens. Each larger Greek ancient town has the Acropolis of its own. The term Acropolis refers to the fortified citadel that was used for defensive purposes.

Also, did you know that Athens could have been called Poseidons. Athena and Poseidon competed who will give the city a better gift, and Poseidon (the deity of the sea) struck the ground with his trident, producing a stream of salty water. Athena’s gift was a branch of olive tree, which proved more valuable, and she became the protector of the city.

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