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The Valtinger Beer: The Pride and Joy of Halkidiki

Valtinger Beer

The Valtinger beer is a product of Halkidiki & will make your summer vacations cooler. Here’s how the Valtinger golden honey ale beer was born. Cheers!

The Valtinger Beer: The Pride and Joy of Halkidiki

The crispy sound of beer when poured into the glass goes hand in hand with the summers in Greece. And it was this beer fizzing which inspired Thanassis Misaltis to create the beer Valtinger. This was back in 2012, and today the Valtinger golden honey ale beer is considered one of the best products in Halkidiki, Greece.

The Valtinger beer is a local product of Halkidiki

Its golden color, the moderate aroma of honey, and the light bitterness which lingers after a couple of glasses of Valtinger beer define the unique properties of this local product in Halkidiki. Since it was born in Kassandra of Halkidiki, the beer borrows the name Valta (aka Kassandria) and the ending –ger most German beers bear to create a new label.

After many experiments, great efforts, and lots of hard work, the Valtinger beer was born. It is brewed and bottled in the local Sknipa Microbrewery and made of other products of Halkidiki. The use of hops gives the slightly bitter flavor which harmonically balances with the sweetness of the honey while the aroma is due to the ingredients ranging from fruit to malt.

While new, the Valtinger golden honey ale beer is already famous

Valtinger is a honey ale beer. In other words, it’s a beer made with yeast which ferments at the top of the beer. The honey used to make the beer is a pure product of Taxiarchis, Halkidiki. The first bottles arrived at our dinner tables only recently and although the taste is great, Mr. Misaltis is still a nomad brewer manager since his product is hosted at the local small brewery.

But that’s a step further from the days he was mixing herbs and honey to come up with the best flavor from the balcony of his house. His persistence paid off. The results justify years of endeavors and give us the chance to enjoy even more our summer vacations in Halkidiki with a bottle of Valtinger beer on our table.

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