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West Halkidiki

West Halkidiki

West coast of Halkidiki, Greece

West Halkidiki, gravitating to Thessaloniki, is a region boasting exceptional beaches, diverse natural beauties, appealing coastline and rich nightlife. As you follow the coastline, you’ll pass through likable picturesque villages, archaeological sites, pine forests, and other memorable spots that have power to enchant its visitors.

Villages of the West Halkidiki offer much more than appealing architecture and atmosphere. They are the main source of nightlife and sport activities. Sparsely populated in the low season, the villages become bustling areas in the high season, with all necessary and complementary tourist facilities, such as taverns, beach bars, diverse stores, etc. Excellent beach bars can be found in Nea Plagia, Nea Flogita and Nea Kallkiratia, where you can enjoy engaging beach parties.

Along the way, you’ll have numerous long beaches to choose your favorite from. The only common thing to them is crystal-clear waters and beautiful sand. Especially marvelous is Nea Flogita’s beach, embellished with palm trees and well-organized. This beach could easily be the one you’ll like most.

The greatest natural gem of the West Halkidiki is located near Petralona village. Famous Petralona Cave abounds with red colored stalactites and stalagmites and fossils of large prehistoric mammals. The cave is also one of the earliest human findings in Europe.

Nea Moudania is the main commercial and tourist center of West Halkidiki. Multitude of bars, water sport opportunities, shops, restaurants and other facilities will make your vacation truly memorable. In Nea Moudania you can find the largest shopping center in all Halkidiki. Especially striking is an olive grove, which makes a splendid setting for any photo or painting. Take a walk to the Panagia Korifini’s hill, and marvel over a likable church and the surrounding landscape.

The most significant cultural event of the region is the Festival of the Sea, taking place in summer just in Nea Moudania. The festival encompasses theatrical performances and music spectacle in an amphitheater a few meters away from the sea. Not to miss are spectacular grilled sardines and wines offered for free at the end of the Festival of the Sea.


Dionisiou beach, west coast of Halkidiki Greece Dionysiou - Dionisiou is a village that has 1303 inhabitants who multiply during the summer as the village represents a “summer’s refugee” for thousands of tourists.
Nea Flogita Halkidiki Nea Flogita - Nea Flogita is a seaside village built amphitheatrically with a view to Thermaikos Gulf.
Halkidiki Greece Simantra - Simantra is near the Nea Moudania, with 2526 inhabitants, who are mainly occupied with agriculture and trade.
Halkidiki Greece Petralona - The first settlement built by Pontus in Asia Minor.
Halkidiki Greece Olinthos - Located in West coast of Halkidiki and it is lowland. The distance from Polygyro is 24 km.
Halkidiki Greece Nea Triglia - It is located about 4 km from the west coast of Halkidiki to the Thermaikos Gulf and the agrarian region extends to the shoreline
Halkidiki Greece Nea Plagia - The first settlement was built in 1924 by refugees from Eastern Thrace.
Nea Moudania Halkidiki Nea Moudania - The town has an intense tourist and financial activity, and aspires becoming the educational center of Halkidiki
Halkidiki Greece Nea Kallkiratia - Nea Kallkiratia was established after the refugee destruction in 1922, mainly by the residents who came from kallikrateia
Halkidiki Greece Saint Mamas - Is a village with 1342 inhabitants, which is located between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia
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