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Halkidiki Gastronomy a Great Taste Experience

Halkidiki Gastronomy a Great Taste Experience

One of the best pleasures in life is to visit Halkidiki and taste some Mediterranean dishes. Who can say no to Greek food ?

a Great Taste Experience

Greek cuisine is legendary. The gastronomy in Halkidiki is special and it gets even better if you consider the culinary skills of the locals and the fabulous environment.

Although each part of Halkidiki boasts of its local products, many of them are common and all of them are exceptional.

And as if the exceptional Halkidiki gastronomy was not enough, the sea breeze and the beautiful environment come to add to your satisfaction.

The gastronomy of Halkidiki is beyond compare

No wonder that Halkidiki has fresh fish and seafood, and also great meat. This part of northern Greece is mostly covered with water.

The coastline is huge, the three peninsulas are washed with waters from all sides, while the region is overshadowed by a beautiful and rich in flora and fauna mountainous area. Naturally, the local cuisine is mind-blowing.

Just take your pick among shrimps, mussels, vegetables, meat, cheese, herbs, spices, and fish.

What’s best than tasting Greek food by the sea?

One of the greatest pleasures in taking a vacation in Halkidiki is to eat by the sea. With so much water all around, it’s hard to run out of options. And don’t forget that we are talking about Mediterranean dishes.

Even a few olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and some bread with olive oil are enough to make your day – let alone fresh fish and fruit or souvlaki and gyros.

The local cuisine is exquisite and your gastronomic experience becomes even better just by gazing at the open sea, whether you like to dine early or late at night.

– Our Choice in Paliouri

Giannikos Tavern, Fish & Meat
Paliouri Village Kassandra Halkidiki
RSV +30 2374 092214

Sea of Tastes, Gourmet Restaurant
Porto Valitsa Paliouri, Kassandra Halkidiki
RSV +30 23740 92007

– Our choice in Neos Marmaras

Origano, Greek Restaurant
Neos Marmaras, Sithonia Halkidiki
RSV +30 2375 072699

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