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Vacation on a sailing boat

Vacation on a sailing boat Halkidiki Greece

Endless hours in the sea, with the azure horizon as a background and sky full of stars in the night time. In the morning, a cup of coffee as a company, your swimsuit as the only dress code and countless dives in emerald waters. Just you and your friends at isolated coves that most of the people do not even know their existence, yet so close to the most popular places. If you love the sea, going on vacation on a sailing boat is a way of life, which however not everyone can follow.

The reason? Not of financial nature, as we will see further down that the cost of chartering a sailing yacht is unlikely to overcome the cost you already estimated for your holidays. The thing is that sailing needs teamwork. Especially if the ones that will be in charge of navigation, cleaning, cooking etc, is you and your friends. Furthermore, it is essential to be on very good terms with your company as the space on the boat is quite limited.

According to the corresponding researches, 80% of the charterers are foreign tourists who visit Greece for this very reason. Actually, this year’s high season is foreshadowed as a busy one as most of the boats are already booked.

Chartering a sailing boat

Usually the procedures of chartering a boat will be undertaken by someone who owns a sailing license for this way you can avoid hiring a skipper. Also, according to a newly voted law, chartering a sailing boat is possible only if there is someone with a license in his possession as well as an extra person who will be signing consent form of having previous sailing experience and will be able to help if necessary. If you do not fulfill these requirements but you still want to sail you can always hire a skipper.

The cost of chartering a yacht depends on its size, type and construction. A small sailing boat (8-10 meters) provides 2 double cabins and is designed for small distances. A medium sized boat can reach up to 14 meters and is equipped with a living room, kitchen, bathroom with a shower and more cabins, usually 3 double cabins. In Greece, large sailing boats range from 15 to 18 meters and are designed for long and luxurious trips. Also, they can house more than 8 people.

The prices vary depending on the period, if you want the boat to be fully equipped (with sheets, towels, marine GPS, auto pilot, water supply, food supply etc.) as well as if you will be the ones taking charge of the cleaning or you will be hiring a cleaning crew.

How much will it cost?

Suppose that you will proceed in chartering a 10-meter sailing boat, for 5 people with a skipper provided, at the first half of June, for 4 days in Halkidiki. This will cost you about 1040€ (52€/person/day).

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