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Xenofon Paionidis


He was the official architect of the Greek Community in the decades around 1900 and built important public and private buildings , with the most representative Papafio Orphanage and Hospital ” Agios Dimitrios “.

Many impressions building, erected around the turn of the century 2Oou and still survive in Thessaloniki, public and private, belong to a large Greek architect Xenophon Paionidis. It is one of the pioneers architects that influenced the architecture of Thessaloniki and created the new face, the dominant elements neoclassical and eclectic, influenced by both traditional and Byzantine architecture of the city.

The Xenoron Peonidis that is born in Chalkidiki creative member and officer of the koinovias Thessalovikis contributed to ply the Greek city staff after theoreitai spokesman ” Greek architektonkis school ” in the capital of Makedonias. It is a fact that Paiovidis was the official architect of the Greek community, building buildings is representative, which showcase the Greek tradition and the Greek ethos in the Turkish city.

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