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Find Your Way Through The Secrets Of The Greek Islands


By choosing the Greek Islands for your vacation, you don’t choose top destination only, but also enlist yourself into an explorers club. And that is quite a big cherry atop the cake because almost each Greek Island has something surprising to offer to its visitors. Read on to find out what that might be.

Zakynthos Island, the Ionian Sea

Zakynthos is certainly among a few most popular summertime destinations in Greece, but the island is big enough if you wish to get yourselves distanced from the crowds, especially if you know hidden spots.

Let’s take Zakynthos’ western coastline as an example. The Shipwreck Beach is most visited there, but you can take somewhat prolonged sailing with your boat to find a similar beach just for yourselves (without a shipwreck, that is). If you travel inland, make sure to allocate some time to visit Volimes or any other village for purchasing some premium local products (cheese with olives, for example) and extraordinary wines that can easily compete with famous French wines.

Kefalonia Island, the Ionian Sea

Popular for its amazing beaches, Kefalonia Island shouldn’t be left without seeing the Melissani Cave, near the main island’s port of Sami. A legend states that in the Melissani Cave, because of its incredible beauty, nymphs used to live. So forget for a moment beaches of Kefalonia, and head this way. Try to be there just after noon, when the direct sunlight colors the cave’s waters into brilliant blue. You can explore the extensive cave by boat on your own or with a guide.

Lefkada Island, the Ionian Sea

Lefkada is another Ionian island with splendid beaches, but when you decide to take a short break, you can take it in the mountainous village of Karia. Located around 500 meters above sea level, Karia features Greek traditional architecture, natural springs and waterfalls, and display of traditional embroidery motifs in the Folklore Museum.

On the opposite side of the bay from Nidri, you can find a resting place of Heinrich Schliemann, the archaeologist who discovered ancient Troy and brought up a hypothesis that Lefkada Island is the island described in Homer’s Odyssey as Ithaca.

Crete Island, the Mediterranean Sea

Preveli Beach isn’t exactly a secret spot, especially during summer, but it is a must-see site of Crete Island. Located in the center of Crete’s south coastline, it features a delta, formed from the inflow of the Kourtaliotis River into the Mediterranean Sea. Nearby lush vegetation, comprising palm trees flanking the sandy lagoon, make an especially beautiful backdrop. If possible, try to make your visit out of high season.

Rhodes Island, the Aegean Sea

The green island of Rhodes is celebrated for its ancient remains and (who would say?) splendid beaches. Almost enough for one to forget the marvelous Seven Springs, also known as the Epta Piges. The Seven Springs is a wooded area, where you can stumble upon harmless half-wild peacocks. With its springs powering a lake in the wooded resort’s midst, Seven Springs are considered the most romantic place on Rhodes. Take a walk along the Epta Piges’ trails and be free to drink water directly from the springs.


Even if you fail to visit some of the above-mentioned islands, it’s fine. No matter which island makes your next choice, all you have to do is to take off-the-beaten tourist paths, and you won’t fail in finding some surprising spot that is going to delight you.

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