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Fire prevention and safety – Fire extinguishing


Fire Safety Tips

  • Take extra care in the kitchen – accidents while cooking account for over half of fi res in homes. Never leave cooking unattended and turn pot handles in.
  • Put a special fi re blanket or a wet towel in the kitchen. You can use it to wrap around someone whose clothes have caught fi re, or to cover burning frying-pans. Keep your cooker, toaster and grill clear. Crumbs, grease and fat can easily catch fi re.
  • You should tell children how destructive fi re can be and how rapidly it can spread. Young people might not realise how uncontrollable fi re can become, or that breathing toxic smoke can quickly make you lose consciousness.
  • Keep portable and other space heaters at least 1 meter away from anything that can burn – including you – and turn heaters off when you leave home or go to bed. Have chimneys and furnaces inspected by a professional at the start of each heating season.
  • Do not smoke when you are sleepy, drunk or likely to faint for any other reason. Make sure cigarettes are stubbed out properly and soak butts – ashes before dumping them. Never smoke in bed.
  • Be aware of the warning signs of problems for electrical appliances: fl ickering lights, smoke or odd smells, blowing fuses and frayed or cracked cables. Do not overload electrical sockets. Remember one plug for one socket.
  • In boiler-rooms put the proper fi re-extinguishers and when foreseen, have the appropriate fi redetection or system installed, according to legislation.
  • Make a fi re action plan so that everyone in your home may know how to escape if there is a fi re. Draw a floor plan and practise your escape way by doing a fi re drill twice a year.
  • Check portable fi re extinguishers. Be prepared. Your local Fire Service can help you with specific training and advice.
  • FIRE SAFETY is the last thing on your mind when you are celebrating. But think about it – lots of guests, extra decorations, people smoking. Do not play with fi reworks – they are explosives not toys.


  • Try to keep yourself calm and get out as quickly as you can. Alert everyone in your place. Do not waste time investigating or rescuing valuables.
  • Before you open a door, check it with the back of your hand. If it is warm do not open it – fi re is on the other side. Remember to shut doors behind you.
  • If there is smoke crawl where the air is more clear. Cover your nose and mouth with a piece of cloth or a towel, to be protected from smoke and heat.
  • In case your clothes catch fi re, stop! do not run around. Drop gently to the ground, cover your face with your hands and roll over and over to smother the fl ames. Cool the burn with water and call for help.
  • Never use a lift / elevator during a fi re, go to your meeting place and call the Fire Service (tel. 199) from a safe place.

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