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Κalithea Κassandra Ηalkidiki

Kallithea Kassandra Halkidiki

Kallithea is a refugee’s village of 3,500 acres. The habitants were established in the region after the Near East disaster and the exchange of population.

They came from Maltepe of Propontida and of the vaster region of Pontos, kerassounta.Before 1925 a Monks Metohi (monastery) operated in Kallithea though as a manor, which was managed by the Russian Monastery in Mount Athos. After the settlement of the refugees and after the necessary expropriation of the region, the settlement was named “New Maltepe” by the refugees and until 1945 it was managed by the Afytis community.

In 1946 it becomes a self-existent Community named “Kallithea” which states the beautiful position the village has. Today its population comes up to about 500 habitats and every summer thousand of tourists visit it.

The village attracts thousands of tourists every year not only for its wonderful beaches but also for the very important archaeological findings that have been discovered after many archaeological researches made on the beach. The Temple of Ammon Zeus (Doric order that was built in the 4th century b.c., as well as other architectural parts that belong to the paleochristian basilica). There is a small temple of St. Panteleimona of the most recent years, where in its interior part one can see some very interesting wall paintings, which is located near the hotel Ammon Zeus.

Kallithea is a modern village that can offer unique moments and unforgettable vacations.

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