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Megali Panagia

Megali Panagia - Halkidiki School

M. Panagia is built on the feet of the mountain Htikela, and is situated at a distance 16 km away from the sea. It is about a beautiful village, where the combination of the green natural landscape with the great architecture of Macedonia –Halkidiki the visitor can see in the houses, is unique.

A walk on the traditional paved alleys can satisfy even the most difficult visitor. M. Panagia preserves its own picturesque character, as the traditional color of the buildings and the preservation of the local customs represents a priceless deposit for the next generations. The majority of the inhabitants work in the mines, and more specifically in the Mine of Stratoni.

The rest are occupied in cattle breeding, woodcutting and agriculture. It has about 3000 habitants (2.749 according to the inventory of 2001). As far as the infrastructure is concerned M. Panagia presents a satisfying image. In order to cover the needs of the inhabitants all the necessary measures have been taken and certain activities have been made within the initiative of the Municipality, so that the bodies are ready to face everything, whenever is needed.

The active workforce in combination with the evaluation possibilities of the region, form the conditions for the development of M. Panagia, making it a region with a natural beauty and an ideal qualify of life. The fact that M. Panagia manages to keep the young people in the village is well known. This is due to the offer of professional opportunities and possibilities and due to the provision of amusement and entertainment facilities. M. Panagia attracts a religious tourism, because of the numerous churches the village has and because of the intense religious emotion of its inhabitants.

The Church of the Assumption, which is situated 2 km outside the village, Panagouda (which was built in 1007 a.c.), which is located in the northeast side of the village and the church of St. Vasileios (which was built in 1955 a.c) situated in the village’s center consist of remarkable religious monuments. All three churches preserve a traditional architecture, after many efforts of restoration. The inhabitants of the village together as one body celebrate religious fests, attracting visitors from all the regions.

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