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9 things to love Halkidiki Greece

9 Things to love Halkidiki

1. A Visit to Petralona Cave

You don’t want to miss a visit to Petralona Cave with its magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. It was discovered by a Petralona resident, Philippos Hatzaridis, in 1959. Systematic excavation of the Cave began in 1965 under the guidance of Professor Aris Poulianos, founder of the Anthropological Association of Greece.

The train ride will delight young and old alike and especially the enduring images of the Cave etched in memory.

2. Trip – Cruise to Mount Athos

If you are male, you may visit the monastery and see it up close, being a guest of the monks and experiencing it first-hand for a few days.

You are not permitted to enter if you are a woman. You can however take the ferry from Ouranoupolis or Ormos Panagias to admire the Monasteries and the Cloisters.

Don’t miss this trip; you will see something unique in the world.

3. Aristotle Park

Aristotle Park, which features a statue of Aristotle, has been equipped with interactive instruments. These instruments implement the natural phenomena referred to in the great Teacher’s book, “The Physics”.

A wonderful experience for young and old.

4. A visit to a traditional village

Parthenonas, Afytos and Arnea are among the most traditional villages in Halkidiki. They have retained their character and are well worth visiting. Here, you can find different types of folk art, traditional local products and taste local delicacies.

5. Of course you’ll also enjoy a beach bar

Halkidiki is renowned for its beach bars. These are very beautiful beaches, which is why everything can be found right there. Grab a deck chair, an umbrella and sip a coffee -or a mochito! Have all the fun you can under the hot sun.

One day you’ve got to go for a swim at a beach bar. Which one? That’s your choice.

6. Around and around I go …

You can rent a car, a motorbike or bicycle. If you have your own, that’s even better. Take a map, go ahead and lose yourself on some beautiful road in Halkidiki. Beautiful scenery will fill your camera.

7. Try some water sports, fishing or scuba diving

The sea is extraordinary, especially the seabed. Try a water sport; skiing, windsurfing, or kite surfing. If you’re the underwater type, you’ll find a diving center in your area where you can go on a diving excursion.

If all that doesn’t interest you, take your rod and enjoy some fishing; you’re sure to catch something…

8. Find a private beach

Yes it’s true. Unique coasts still exist with uninhabited beaches, empty and alone, waiting for you. You will surely find a small, deserted cove, or one with very few people, to “melt” under the hot sun all day long and swim carefree.

9. Eating at a small taverna next to the waves

So after all that, won’t you be a little hungry? Enjoy a meal or seafood “mezedes” at a small taverna in your area. A glass of wine or tsipouro with fresh seafood mezedes will enchant your gastronomic desires.

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