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Sun burns – Choose the right Sun-tan lotion

Sun Burns

Choose the right Sun-tan lotion

Type 1
Very light-coloured skin, where it blackens, but suffers very easily burned. The persons that belong in this category they usually have light-coloured hair and freckles.
– Advisable sun-tan lotion: indicators from 10-15.

Type 2
Light-coloured skin, that is very sensitive and it blackens very little, while it is relatively easily burned.
– Advisable sun-tan lotion: indicators from 15-10.

Type 3
Are opener skin, more durable in the sun and it blackens progressively.
– Advisable sun-tan lotion: indicators from 10-15.

Type 4
Is the skin that blackens always, while certain times – no often – it suffers burn. It could be characterized mediocrely dark.
– Advisable sun-tan lotion:indicators from 6-10.

Type 5
This skin blackens always and doesn’t burned, only that in extreme situations. They are said “dark-skinned” persons.
– Advisable sun-tan lotion: indicators from 1-6.

Sunbathing Yes, but under conditions

You avoid the exposure in sun between 12 the midday and the 4 afternoon, these hours that the beams of helium are vertical on earth and powerful.

You use always sun-tan lotion with indicator protection right for the type of your skin.

You stretch out the sun-tan lotion in dry skin, in order to it is absorbed better.

You wear sun-tan lotion and when you are in the sea, such as the beams of helium pass the sea water.

Renew your sun-tan lotion per regularly time intervals, and mainly each time where you sweat or swim in the sea.

Sun-tan lotion you need also when you are under the umbrella of sea, such as beams of helium are reflected in the sand.

If already you have blackened, you can select a suntan lotion with lower indicator, but no completely using it.

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